Door Seals Overview

A conventional door seal should seal gaps and stop the free flow of unwanted drafts like noise, light, critters and moisture from coming in and out of your door.

What is a door seal?

A door seal is door hardware made of a mix of plastic and rubber. It also includes olefin, a thermoplastic which is meant to automatically seal the gap around the door, including the floor.

Types of door seals

1. Sound insulation seal doors

Sound insulation seal doors are also called acoustic seals. In some environments, noise can influence human performance and activity. Acoustic seals will ensure that little or no noise enters through the door.

Door Seals Overview

2. Fire seals doors

Fire seals are mostly used in environments to reduce the risk of property loss and human life.

Smoke seals aim to reduce the spread of smoke. Smoke can spread dangerous toxins and can be harmful to those exposed to it.  Its primary purpose is to create safer environments.

4. Door bottom seal doors

Door bottom seals are generally used to cover the gap between the floor and the door. They are meant to stop the entry of air from the outside environment into the building. They could also prevent the entry of unwanted water.

5. Energy and weather seal doors

Door weather seals restrict the disturbance of wind drafts, hot air and rain. They also cut energy consumption by preventing the free mixing of air from the outside environment into the building.

What door seals can do

Door seals in Australia cater for a wide range of different door needs such as eliminating lights, sounds, dust, rain, draughts and insects.

These doors are easy to install and are the perfect option for any household wishing to insulate their home from the external environment.


A door seal is a critical measure for thermal comfort and the overall insulation efficiency of any building, particularly in building projects for cold climates. Therefore, doors should meet high airtight seal standards to reduce net flow from the outside environment into the building.