Dream Green: How to Create a Sustainable Bedroom With 7 Changes

Dream Green: How to Create a Sustainable Bedroom With 7 Changes

The switch to living sustainably usually starts small, with one person changing a few habits. Things like taking reusable bags to the grocery store, stopping at refilling stations instead of buying new plastic water bottles, etc., create a more sustainable lifestyle. Since sustainability starts at home, you should focus on making your home more sustainable.

Start one room at a time.

Here are seven simple changes you can make in your bedroom to create a more sustainable environment.

Switch To An Eco-Friendly Mattress

Switching out your mattress is one of the best ways to create a more sustainable bedroom.

Essentia offers a certified organic mattress that is eco-friendly and, more importantly, comfortable.

Not sacrificing the quality and comfort of a mattress while helping create a sustainable environment sets Essentia mattresses apart from others.

Cover The New Mattress In Eco-Friendly Bedding

With a new organic mattress, another way to make a bedroom more sustainable is by adding eco-friendly bedding.

There are many different types of sustainable, chemical-free bedding, most made from bamboo.

Bamboo is renewable, grows quickly, and can be harvested and replenished ethically.

Bamboo is also biodegradable, which means it breaks down quickly when it is time to discard it. It will not end up in the ocean or a landfill forever. It breaks down and contributes to new growth.

Switch Old Light Bulbs To Eco-Friendly Bulbs

Another way to make your bedroom more sustainable is to use less electricity.

The quickest and easiest way to accomplish this is to switch out old light bulbs for eco-friendly LED bulbs.

These LED bulbs use less electricity because they burn at a lower temperature than average light bulbs, which wastes less heat. They are also brighter and last longer than the traditional light bulb.

Use Natural And Organic Fragrances In The Area

Everyone wants their space to smell pleasant. Candles and room sprays, however, can contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment.

The solution to this is to use more natural and organic fragrance options.

Adding plants to your bedroom is a great way to add natural fragrance. Indoor plants like orchids and gardenias will add a wonderful natural aroma.

If you want to use wax melts or candles, switch to eco-friendly versions. Many companies offer wax products made with soy wax that are free from harsh chemicals.

Add More Plants To The Space

Besides being a great way to help a bedroom naturally smell pleasant, there are many more eco-friendly benefits to adding plants to a room.

In the summer, a lot of energy is used running an air conditioner or fan, but adding aloe vera plants can help keep the space cooler.

Plants, including indoor plants, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. A conversion that gives you fresh air and adds clean oxygen to the environment. Indoor plants can also help reduce toxins like carbon monoxide by absorbing them.

Adding plants to the bedroom space is an excellent way to make it more sustainable.

Decorate The Bedroom Space With Eco-Friendly Items

When decorating, this is a simple and inexpensive option to make the bedroom more sustainable.

Decorating in an eco-friendly style includes:

  • Buying used decorations: Decorating a space with items that are second-hand from someone else is a great way to help the planet. Buying used means decorations have a longer life span. It is also an efficient way to spend less on décor.
  • Buy non-plastic decorations: While shopping for your decorations, either new or used, stay away from plastic materials. Not buying plastic creates less demand for it, which is necessary for sustainability. Materials like glass, wood, and paper are more sustainable and can be recycled easily.
  • Use low-toxin paints: Many paints contain harsh chemicals, called VOCs, that linger in the environment. Use a non-toxic paint with zero VOCs instead.

Replace Your Old Windows With Energy-Efficient Ones

Old, outdated, or ill-fitting windows use a lot of energy.

In the winter, these windows release heat and let in cold air. This escaping heat leads to turning the heat thermometer up.

In the summer, these windows let in the heat and release the cold air, so the air conditioning gets turned up. All of this leads to excessive use of energy.

Having energy-efficient windows installed can keep the bedroom warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving energy and money.

A Last Word Before You Go

Creating a sustainable environment does not have to be complicated. It starts small, and it begins with you. You can make a difference by creating an eco-friendly bedroom that follows these seven steps and other small sustainable actions.