East Idaho Window Maintenance

East Idaho Window Maintenance

How to Increase the Lifespan of Residential Windows

Windows are an expensive home repair. Having to replace one or multiple windows can cost a fortune. The average cost of replacing one window is $500. Depending on the size of the home and number and size of windows, this can add up substantially. With this cost in mind, there are ways to prolong the life of windows and prevent costly maintenance and repairs.

Have Windows Professionally Washed Regularly

Excessive build up on windows combined with wind and other elements can cause scratches, cracks and other damage to windows that are costly to repair. Having windows washed by a professional Idaho Falls window washing company can keep windows cleaner longer by not allowing soap residue to attract dirt and make debris build up faster.

Homes in east Idaho are exposed to a number of issues that can increase the need for professional window washing including:

  • Hard water
  • Extreme wind and dust

Part of a window washing service should include cleaning screens and tracks. Clean screens increase air quality and can prevent damage and tears that would lead to needing replacement. Damaged tracks and surrounding can lead to bad seals and leaks. In East Idaho it is imperative to have a good seal to keep the cold out for the majority of the year, and to prevent leaks from snow. Contact these Idaho Falls window washers for a quality service that includes all of this at an affordable price.

Annual Window Maintenance Tips

Check Window Fit

The older the windows, the more likely it is that they do not fit as well as the day they were initially installed. Over time, changing temperatures, repeated use, general wear and tear cause small changes to how the window fits in the frame. This will decrease the efficiency and overall performance of the window.

This as well as what is mentioned above can also lead to leaks and improper seal. This can become an issue of safety if windows do not fully close and lock as they should. A routine check of all windows could easily be added to a spring cleaning list or on a closing anniversary, etc. Doing so could prevent further damage.

Lubricate Tracks

Lubrication keeps tracks running smoothly. This will improve ease of operation, but can also extend the life of the window and frame. Window track lubricant can be picked up at most home improvement stores, but make sure that the lubricant is oil-free. Oil based lubricants attract grime and can decrease the flow of the track.

When applying lubricant it is a good time to check the seals of caulking and weatherstripping. Having a professional perform these tasks is beneficial because they can tell what is a red flag and what is normal.

Contact Idaho Window Washers

While it is true that anyone can perform these tasks to extend the life of residential windows, it is more efficient and thorough when done by a professional. These Idaho Falls window washers serve most of east Idaho, and can most likely schedule a time in the near future to help maintain, clean and thoroughly inspect windows.