Easy And Fast: 8 Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Christmas

Easy And Fast: 8 Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Christmas

Jingle Bells, jingle bells. I know all of you can hear this song right now. Christmas is approaching fast. And now that it is the holiday season, you might wish to decorate each corner of your house and fill it with excitement. Need some easy and fast way?

Well, here is an article about how to decorate your home for Christmas with minimum effort. Moreover, you will not even need to spend dollars to decorate your house. So, try out these simple and cost-effective tips to make your home holiday-ready.

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8 Best Tips to Decorate Your Home

Do you know Christmas is next week? I know you all know and you are preparing hard to be Christmas ready. So, let me make it easy for you. Here, we have prepared some easy tips to decorate your home and put yourself in a festive mood.

Garland Or Tinsel on Doors, Windows, Entry Ways

Garland Or tinsel is alone enough to create a festive vibe. Therefore, this year you can use them to decorate your doors and windows. Simply choose your favorite tinsel or garland and hang it out on your doors. You can hang them by using double-sided tape or using nails.

You can even make a tinsel garland ornament by yourself.

It’s DIY Time!

  • Take a tinsel garland and wrap it around a foam ball or any ball using a hot glue gun.
  • Press it and leave it to dry.
  • Now you can decorate this tinsel ball with beads or colorful balls.
  • Now cut a pretty ribbon and make a loop to hang this ornament.
  • Continue the whole process, till you make different ornaments balls. You can even elevate your garland by using different colored tinsels.
  • Then, weave your ornaments with another tinsel or ribbon.
  • Here is your tinsel ornament garland ready to create a festive buzz.

Bonus Tip: Add fairy lights and elevate this look.

Personalize Your Place Settings

You can also arrange your furniture and add a little bit to them to create that holiday look. First of all, do some dusting and clean every corner of your house. Then, rearrange your sofa and other furniture to create a fresh look. Then you can add some DIY decor or buy some decorations from the market.

There are a variety of candle making wax available online that you can choose to make beautiful and aromatic candles to change the aura of your home. Moreover, you can take out all those fancy crockery sets and use them to improve your table look. Also, decor each corner of your house with different things or lights.

Glass Cloche

You can also use glass Cloche to decor your house. You can do this in two different ways. Firstly, make some mouth-watering pies and cakes and place a glass cloche over them. In this way, you can showcase your cooking as well as decorate your home.

Secondly, you can easily find small Christmas trees online or offline. You can cover them with a glass cloche and place them on tables and shelves. You can even replace trees with a book, miniature Santa, etc. Let your creativity flow.
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Combine Greens and Glitter

Who doesn’t love green and glitters? You can just combine these two and achieve that Christmas look. You may not have realized it but every year you do this. When? When you decorate your Christmas tree with fairy lights. Don’t you? Similarly, you can combine green garlands and tinsels with fairy lights and hang them in your home.

Candy Cane Decoration

Candy canes are just waiting for Christmas, so why not use them in our Christmas decorations? You can hang them together in a line or make cute wall hangings from them. You can make cute socks and bell designs or buy stickers to accentuate this decor.

You can also hang them on your windows. Moreover, you can find several candy cane decorations from the market or online.

Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

You have a Christmas tree in your living room, right? So, let’s make another cute little Christmas tree for your other rooms. Here are different ways to do so:

Option 1

  • Take some nails and fairy lights.
  • Fix the lights in the shape of a Christmas tree with the help of nails.
  • Voila, there is a beautiful Christmas tree on the wall.

Option 2

  • Pick some sticks from your garden.
  • Arrange them in different shapes.
  • Now hang them horizontally, placing the smallest stick on top and the largest on the bottom.
  • Remember, to give a two-inch gap in-between.
  • Then, hang some decorated balls, candy sticks, and a star in between and above to get that Christmas tree look.

Bring Out Some Throws & Holiday Pillows

What is the first thing that comes to our mind at this time? Warm and cozy, right! You can add some cozy blankets and pillows to your couch or bed to create a different look. Moreover, you can choose different colors, patterns, and Christmas theme pillow covers for this.

Christmas Stockings

Have you bought your socks yet? Of course, you have. And we all hope that Santa Claus will fill it with gifts, right? So why don’t we use these Christmas stockings to decorate your house?

Sounds weird? But it is reasonable and beautiful. Just take some Christmas-themed socks and fill them with some different mini-sized gifts and hang them around your home. You can even play some of them below your Christmas tree or on your center table.


I hope you have got an idea to decorate your house for Christmas. Moreover, don’t limit your imagination with these tips. Instead, let your creativity flow and recreate your house. Do comment on your favorite decor idea in the comment section below.