Embracing Nature in Your Daily Life

Embracing Nature in Your Daily Life

We once lived among nature in hunter-gatherer communities, taking only what we needed to live from the land around us. Now, as a society, we are growing further and further away from nature. Each year, acres of forests are cut down to make way for construction–new homes, and businesses–and trees and grass are sparse in big cities. If you find yourself struggling with all of this and missing being a part of nature, then here are some ways you can reconnect with it.

Create an Outdoor Space You Love

If you aren’t sure where to start in your journey to reconnect with nature, a great first step is to create an outdoor space that you’ll want to spend time in. If you live by the mountains of Spartanburg, South Carolina, then you should fully embrace the beautiful views from your backyard by building a deck, patio, or other outdoor living space to enjoy them. The great thing about having your outdoor living space built from the ground up is that you have a say in every aspect of the design, instead of having to make whatever space is already there work with your needs. If you want a deck or patio that’s perfect for entertaining, then you can control how much space the design provides. You could also even choose to add unique options for entertaining like an outdoor bar or an outdoor kitchen, that way you can mix up drinks and whip up food for your guests without having to run inside the house and miss out on any of the fun. You could also have a fire pit or outdoor chimney included in the design of your patio to keep your guests comfortable on chilly evenings. If you want to create a really special experience for guests, you could build your deck or patio around a pool or a hot tub. This will up the fun level of your parties, but will also help you enjoy your outdoor space year-round since you can take a cool dip in the summer or soak in the heat during the colder seasons.

Taking up an Outdoor Hobby

If you don’t have the patience or funds to create your dream outdoor space, then you can still get yourself outside by finding some form of outdoor recreation that you enjoy. Many people choose to embrace nature by jogging in their neighborhood or local parks, while others might bust out a kayak and fishing pole and head to the local lake. While spending the day on the lake, you could also change into your bathing suit and go for a swim or try your hand at paddleboarding. If you’re looking to satisfy your inner child, you might consider taking up a hobby like skateboarding or roller skating. There are plenty of public skate parks available, just remember to wear a helmet and knee pads! If you’re looking for a hobby that’s a little more low-key, then gardening might be a better choice for you. Whether you grow flowers, herbs, fruits, or vegetables, spending the day working in your garden could be just the thing you need to unwind, plus you’ll be able to bring a piece of nature inside to your dinner table and have the pride of knowing that you worked hard to grow it.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

If you’re trying to reconnect with nature, then there’s no reason why the great outdoors should be left beyond your back door. Biophilic design is no new concept. For years, people have been finding ways to add more natural elements to their homes to help them feel more connected with the outdoors. To do so, you don’t have to buy a bunch of plants to incorporate into your decor. There are plenty of other ways to create a more natural space. Consider ditching your heavy drapes for sheer curtains or blinds, that way you can let in as much natural light as possible without having to give up your privacy. You can also add more natural elements to the design of your home by including natural wood, stone, or leather furniture and decor. You should also utilize soft neutral colors like shades of brown, white, and green wherever you can to compliment these elements and try to add pops of botanical patterns in your decor like tropical ferns or dainty florals. If you’re looking for a big project to give your home an earthy feel, then you should ditch your carpets and replace them with natural hardwood to complete the look.