Everything you need to know about Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Everything you need to know about Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

No interior is as distinct as the interior of a farmhouse-styled kitchen. From spacious floor spaces marked by exposed woodwork to splendid functional features and cosy settings, farmhouse kitchens are uniquely distinguishable

If you are inspired by this trending design, then you need to get acquainted with farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Regardless of the type of farmhouse kitchen you admire, these drawers are the best you can leverage to achieve your preferred farmhouse kitchen interior design.

This review article is all about farmhouse cabinets. Continue reading to discover proven design ideas that will help make your kitchen not only look stylish but unique and functional with a farmhouse design.

What are Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

Known for their practicality and cosy outlooks, farmhouse-styled cabinets have been around since the 18th century when American country farmers built them to suit their immediate needs. While these cabinetries can mostly be identified by their naturally-sourced materials, specifically wood, their simple features are their best-selling points. Their designs might date hundreds of years back yet they are what homeowners are currently looking for.

Farmhouse kitchen cabinet designs come in a myriad of varieties, all of which are endowed with classic looks that can bring warmth and cosiness to any interior they are installed. Because of their versatile nature, they have stood out as a great attraction to homeowners from all walks of life.

The following are the latest and most eye-catchy types of farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

Open-Shelved Farmhouse Cabinets

For homeowners who admire the generic classic interior, farmhouse cabinets with open shelves are the perfect ideal options. With open-shelved cabinetry, it is easy to display all kinds of vintage or antique items to achieve any country appeal. Compared to cabinets with doors, open-shelved cabinets are very accessible and so, very easy to use. Because of the spacious appeal, they come within any interior they are installed, and these cabinets have enticed many contemporary homeowners.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are widely taken as alternatives to farmhouse kitchen cabinets, thanks to their simple design features which make them farmhouse cabinets’ lookalike. Besides their minute ornamentation, shaker cabinets can be differentiated from other types of cupboards by their door designs. They mostly feature flat slab doors marked with no excessive carvings or decorations.

Considering their simplicity and versatility, shaker-styled cabinets boast compatibility with several kitchen designs, from classic to modern and contemporary style types of sculleries. Cabinets with the shaker design are often designed with naturally-sourced material, another notable design aspect that makes them perfect alternatives to real farmhouse cabinets.

Natural Wood Cabinets

From ancient designs, including the widely celebrated shaker design, to more contemporary designs, including varieties of modern-styled cupboards, natural wood kitchen cabinets come in varieties. With different types of hardwoods, including oak, teak, maple, and cherry among others being used to design these drawers, you can expect natural wood cabinets to be versatile in terms of material properties.

Cabinets with natural wood material are generally long-lasting, functional, and easier to maintain compared to other types of cabinets. Whether you go for stained or painted natural wood cabinets, you can easily use them to achieve the farmhouse interior design of your choice.

Can Farmhouse Cabinets Fit in a Modern Kitchen?

Considering their classic appearance, farmhouse kitchen cabinets might seem incompatible with modern designs. But believe it or not, these drawers can fit in any modern cookhouse if you simply do the following.

Install Modern Farmhouse Cabinets

Unlike their vintage or traditional varieties, modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets are defined by sophistication, from material to ornamentation, and other design features. You can find them adorned with luxurious hardware, including glassed doors and metallic fixtures, for example, stainless steel or gold cabinet handles and hinges.

Modern farmhouse cabinetries are versatile in terms of material features. Whereas their vintage versions are entirely made of hardwoods, modernized farmhouse drawers come with mixed materials, all of which have been creatively engineered to highlight the real farmhouse appeal.

Incorporate Metallic Materials

Another sure way of making farmhouse cabinets fit into a modern kitchen is by blending them with metallic materials. Because of the industrial nature of modernity, metals are a highlight of modern interior design. Hence, by giving your farmhouse drawers a touch of metals, for example by replacing wooden fixtures with metallic fixtures and decorative elements, you will make them fit perfectly into your modern kitchen.

Depending on the modern appeal you desire, you can go for gold, silver, or brass, when choosing the metallic material to blend with the cabinetry. If your farmhouse cabinets are made of wood, you are lucky because their neutral appearance will blend perfectly with the shiny outlooks of metallic materials to create a truly modern interior appeal.

Mix Colors

Color is the best defining feature of modern kitchen designs. Hence, you can blend farmhouse kitchen cabinets with many colors to give your pantry a truly modern appearance. From the cabinets themselves to kitchen walls and ceiling, there are different places you can let colors interact.

If you like painted cabinets, you can apply one or two of your favourite colors on your farmhouse cabinets before applying a matching color on the walls, floor, and ceilings. If you don’t want to paint or stain the cabinets, you can apply matching colors on various parts of your scullery and install colourful kitchen hardware and implements.

Benefits of Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Practicability: With their simple and functional aspects, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are more or less the most practical types of furniture you can go for. They are not only simple to style but also maintain.

#2: Compatibility with Different Designs and Materials: Whereas you may associate them with classic-looking farmhouse kitchens, farmhouse cabinets can fit in all types of kitchens and design materials, thanks to their versatility and simplicity in terms of design features.

#3: Ease of Access: From traditional to contemporary designs, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are so easy to access. Compared to many other types of cabinetries, farmhouse-styled drawers are less-expensive, hence, easier to acquire.


Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are the best you can leverage as a homeowner to achieve the real farmhouse interior outlook. Because they are versatile in terms of design, farmhouse-styled cupboards can present you with multiple design options you can easily try out. Hence, you are more likely to find your preferred design if you opt for cabinets with the farmhouse design.