Everything You Wanted To Know About Café Furniture – An Overview

If you are planning to open a café, you have to put in a lot of not just effort but also assessment about how your prospective clients are comfortable and made them feel at home. If you have worked out other café solutions for your coffee shop business, one aspect that undoubtedly contributes to the success of your business is furniture.

In this article, let us focus on the type of furniture you must place in your café. More about the same is in the paragraphs below for a better insight.

Choosing furniture as per the theme


Every café has its theme and it may be contemporary or modern. Also, if you have arrangements outdoors, the type of furniture you select must be able to withstand the natural elements if you are not able to move them every time.

Aside from the décor, selecting the right type of furniture adds to the aesthetic appeal of the place. You can explore the following options when it comes to cafe furniture solutions.

Café chairs


Form an integral part of the place and décor. Opt for any type depending on your requirement.

  • Bentwood chairs

These types of chairs will be suitable for any setup, regardless of the ambiance and décor. These types of chairs are available in varying colours and designs. And you can pick one per your café style and theme.

In case you want customized stuff, find out from any cafe furniture solutions Melbourne service provider whether or not they will be able to deliver as per your order.

  • Bistro chairs

The bistro chairs are made up of two varieties of materials, namely, rattan and wicker. These can also be placed outdoors and add to the sophistication of the place. Apart from making the place appealing, they are mobile and can be moved from one place to another as they have longevity and are durable and stackable.

  • Chairs made of metal

You will find metal chairs, particularly in the CBD area. Ideally, you can use wooden table tops with metal chairs. Not only do they impart a vintage feel but also gives an “industrial feel.”

Café tabletop


Chairs are not enough for your café. If you are buying chairs, the kind of tables you are planning to place must complement the chairs too. Check out the variety of tables that will be ideal for your café depending on the theme and décor.

  • The tables must be in sync with the chairs
  • They must be durable, of good quality, and strong.
  • Must offer good functionality

Size of the table


It is not just the size of the table that will matter, but you have to select the size of the chairs depending on the space available at your disposal. It does not make sense in cluttering the place with excessive furniture. Keep it simple and easy to maintain. That is because if space is taken up by furniture, mopping it or vacuuming will pose to be a problem.

As such, café furniture you select for your place must take into account more than just the décor, design, and style of furniture.