The Expert’s Guide To Furniture Storage

Choosing the right storage for furniture is often a tricky task as these pieces might vary in their sensitivity and are prone to get damaged during the shifting procedure. Even if you require a temporary storage unit, you might need to figure out a way to store the furniture items more compactly and pertaining to the environment in which it can be stored properly.  Here are some tips that would help you while storing your furniture in the most organized manner while shifting places.

Check for the size of your room

You would need to consider the size of your bedroom furniture units if you are planning to move places. For instance, a 10’ container can easily accommodate one-bedroom home furniture, while two-to-three bedroom home would require a 20’ space. Also, since you would be storing the appliances as well, check if you would be requiring additional storage for the same. There are several services for storage units Winnipeg which provide exceptional quality services for storing your furniture units in an organized manner.

Separate the clean and dirty items

If you want to pack large indoor items such as furniture and TV sets along with outdoor equipment such as patio sets or bicycles, then consider opting for a 20’ container. It is advisable to leave at least one-foot space between these items with the gap filled with moving boxes. You can even wrap the sensitive material with blankets or plastic sheets to ensure their safety. As an alternative, you can even hire an 8’ or 10’ container to store the outdoor items and avoid getting them dirty.

Plan out the storage in advance

You should plan out the in advance the requirements of your storage – the things you need to store, their accessibility, and the duration for which you need to store them.  If you have an antique furniture or a piece of art that might not go with the decor of your new home, then you can rent a 10’ or 8’ container which can be placed in the driveway or backyard and would provide you an easy access whenever required.

Choose for compact packing

Pieces which are slightly heavy can be stored in one or two 20’ sized container units. On the other hand, if you have smaller boxes in a large number then you can use a 10’ container for this purpose. This is a safe option and you can ensure that the boxes are closely packed and have rate chance of moving while shifting them. It is better to use a smaller container for small boxes rather than a large one which would be half-empty.

Make use of maximum space

Larger items can be stored in a manner that they stay fit and secured together. For instance, two couches can be stored compactly and stacking them one over the other. Items such as rugs can be folded and stacked between the boxes to stop movement. It is always better that you make the maximum use of the space in the container instead of opting for two or units that might not even be half-filled. Make a smart move and save your money as well.

Choose climate-controlled locker for wooden furniture

Wooden furniture should not be stored in heat as that might damage the furniture. For this purpose, it is best to opt for the climate-controlled locker which changes the temperature according to the surroundings.  Also, you need to ensure that the wooden units are not exposed to moisture. This problem will be also be solved with the use of the same. Use cinder blocks to store the furniture slightly above the ground as it would protect it from getting scratches or from water spills.

Check the space of the moving vehicle

Most of the vehicles are not wider than 6’ or 7’ and thus the storage space would entirely depend on its length. By planning smartly, and using the techniques of folding and compact storing, you would be able to get a large number of storage units transferred at a single time.

Hope you now have a brief idea about the ways in which you can ensure about the proper storage of your favorite furniture pieces and ensure their safety.