Fiberglass, Steel or wood? Which Material should you choose for an Exterior Door?

Fiberglass, Steel or wood? Which Material should you choose for an Exterior Door?

The first step in replacing or installing exterior doors to your home is choosing the suitable material. It’s essential to choose a door that is easy to open and close, that doesn’t allow cold, hot, or moist air to enter, and that stays sharp for long. Suppose you are looking for suitable material and feel confused. In that case, we have a detailed explanation of CDH construction for you that will make the decision easy regarding the construction of doors and hardware!!!

You will come across many companies and stores around you which work globally and locally e.g. CDH construction which deals with the construction of doors and hardware. These places have experienced staff who can guide you during your purchase of an exterior door but having a bit of background knowledge on your own is always great. Below are comparisons of the three materials to make things simple for you.


According to Consumer Reports, steel and fiberglass doors are great exterior door options as they are better for insulation than wooden doors. They are primarily Energy-Star-certified, which means they have triple or double paned-glass, efficient cores, and tight-fitting frames. While some homeowners love the appearance of wood, it might not be the correct type of external door.

Regarding the pros and cons of fiberglass, Zeeland Timber Lumber & Supply has compiled a list of pros and cons compared to wood doors. The fiberglass can be made from a combination material that can be tailored to fit most homes. It is easy to maintain and won’t chip or dent like wooden doors. These doors are made from insulating foam that is energy-efficient. They are usually more expensive than wooden doors.

Talking about wooden doors, they are unique and can be repaired easily. They are also less likely to show dents or scratches than other materials. Solid hardwoods are more energy-efficient than fiberglass, but they don’t have the same level of durability as fiberglass. The biggest issue with wooden doors is that they are more susceptible to cracking and warping, so make sure you maintain them well. They need valid CDH construction that deals with the construction of doors and hardware to prevent it from damaging and warping.

A Comparison of Wood, Steel, and Pultruded Fiberglass for Construction

Fiberglass Doors vs. Steel Doors:

Many homeowners prefer steel or fiberglass doors to wood doors. My Coastal Windows experts explain that doors are subjected to kicking, slamming, and significant temperature fluctuations over time. Some materials are more durable than others and can last for a longer time. A steel or fiberglass entry door will likely reduce many of these problems. Steel doors, like fiberglass, are more energy-efficient than wood.

Tom Adams Windows, Carpets have compared the three materials and recommend steel doors to homeowners who want to cut costs. Steel exterior doors are made of heavy-gauge galvanized metal that has rigid foam cores. Steel frames and reinforced steel doors are more durable than fiberglass or wood, but they cost less than steel.

The team at Home Decor Blaiss, believes steel doors are a solid choice for homeowners because they can’t be kicked in and sawed through easily. Fiberglass is less sturdy than steel and wood and easier for intruders.

Steel doors are less likely to scratch and become dented than fiberglass or wood. They can also become hot or cold depending on outside temperatures. These doors are usually painted a light color by homeowners to keep heat from absorbing.

Comparing costs:

When building or renovating, the cost is an important consideration. Prefabricated products are always more costly. Here are some estimates for prefabricated steel, fiberglass, and wood exterior doors.

As of spring 2021, new wood doors start at the top end. Prices can range from $2,500 to $4,000 depending on the wood type and the finish. Wood doors are more energy-efficient than other materials, but they are also the most attractive.

Fiberglass doors can be purchased for as low as $1,200 up to $2,500. It is crucial to choose high-quality doors as they can crack in cold weather. There are many styles available, with some even featuring wood-like finishes. Fiberglass is a more recent type of door material than steel or wood and, it is highly energy efficient.

Steel doors cost between $700 and $2,000 to install. They can be used on rustic homes, freestanding garages or storage sheds, as well as commercial buildings. Steel strength is superior to fiberglass, so if you prioritize stability, then steel is for you. For genuine information, you can take guidance from CDH construction companies about the construction of doors and hardware.