Finding A Roofing Company For Your Home And Garage

The main function of roofing materials is to protect the building from excessive moisture. This means that the coating should be primarily waterproof and knows this best. It also requires power, a durable lifespan, and in the case of a garage, also an affordable price.

Top roofing material manufacturers – which company to choose

You have to choose the manufacturer of the building material after deciding what exactly will cover your place. Most manufacturing companies specialize in manufacturing one type of roof, trying to scale products in the chosen direction.

A soft roof can be selected from the range of higher brands or the cheaper ones if you are looking for a cheaper option.

Of course, the roofing materials of foreign firms are not cheap, but their quality and service life justify such costs.

Types of roofing materials suitable for a garage Ruberoid

The cheapest type of coating, which is a wave cardboard of a density of 300-500 g / m2 or more of modern bitumen-impregnated glass fibers.

The top layer of roofing material is covered with quartz or mica mineral crumbs. It provides flexible sheets with protection against mechanical damage and reflects the sun’s rays so that the bonding components do not grow in heat.

For the top layer of the roof structure, use a ruberoid with a thickness of not less than 4.5 mm with coarse grain deposition.


Absolute waterproofing when properly positioned;
Ease of self-cleaning, especially if you use self-adhesive rolls;
Light weight and minimal roof load;
Low cost.


Short lifespan and need for regular repairs;
Poor frost resistance.

Today, you can find several types of roofing on the market that have been manufactured with some or other changes in technology. Consequently, the “behavior” of these roofing materials will also be different.

For example, light and cheap tar with coal tar substitution for bitumen does not last more than 3-5 years. And, where fiberglass is used as a base, will not require replacement even after 15 years and will withstand frosts up to -30 ° C without cracking.

There is also a large selection of soft tiles on the market. In terms of its composition and characteristics, it is closest to Euroruberoid: it has the same fiberglass base, but is further decorated with mineral crumb colors with the addition of dry pigments. It is made in the form of separate curly sheets and is not nailed by nails but by bars.


This category of roofing materials includes flat and profiled sheets up to 0.5 mm thick with a mandatory anti-corrosion coating. It may be electroplated, varnished, or polymeric.

However, a thin layer of protection can be easily damaged by inaccurate installation or if the branches of the tree growing above them are constantly knocking on the roof of the garage. As a result, the steel base will remain uncoated and will quickly tear under moisture.

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