Finest Transformation of Sleigh Beds Reason of Bedrooms Elegance

Finest Transformation of Sleigh Beds Reason of Bedrooms Elegance

Sleigh Beds Introduction

You are not the only one who thinks sleigh beds conjure up images of winter wonderland, and makes your head sway with sugar plums. With their enclosed bodies, scrolled feet and headboards, traditional sleigh beds look more like a bed than a sleigh. Modern incarnations have a more Christmas-like look. The Empire period in the early 1800s saw the emergence of the sleigh bed. This ornate style of bed was produced in America and France almost simultaneously. Empire’s inspiration came from early Rome and Greece. It is no surprise that the first sleigh beds were extravagantly designed and meticulously detailed.

Sleigh Beds Similarities

Modern sleigh beds share very few similarities with their predecessors, other than the name. The bulky, heavy features, completely scrolled feet and headboards are gone. They have been replaced by a more modern, sleeker aesthetic with sometimes slightly slanted headboards and foot. Modern storage beds are often platform-designed, which makes them more discreet and eliminates the need for a box spring. The modern sleigh bed looks more like a Porsche Corvette or Rolls Royce than the original. You are not the only one who loves the classic sleigh bed. These beds are still available, as well as the modern-day transitional styled versions. No matter what style or wood finish you choose, there is a sleigh bed for you. The sleigh bed, like many other decorating staples, has seen some changes throughout its history to stay popular in homes around the globe.

Formation with Carved Wood

The headboard and footboard of a sleigh bed frame are curled at the corners. This shape is similar to a sleigh, hence the name sleigh. Sleigh beds-frames are typically made of carved wood and have expensive models with hand-carved curls. Sleigh beds are a French invention that can be made as single or double beds. This unique design was so popular that Americans began making sleigh beds. Sleigh beds are often curled outwards so ensure your bedroom has enough space to accommodate this.

Whitford Sleigh Bed

Modern sleigh frames of beds have a flat headboard and curled footboard. This allows the user to position the bed flush against the wall. Some beds are made of leather which adds a grand look to the bedroom. The ‘Tuscany Sleigh Bed,’ made of luxurious faux leather and featuring a high headboard with curved footboard, is one of the most popular sleigh bed models. This sleigh bed has a rich Espresso brown finish that is truly stunning. Modern frames of beds are classically designed and comfortable to sleep in. Modern sleigh frames of beds have ample storage space underneath the bed. This extra space can be used to store luggage, or small drawers that can be pulled from the bed. These drawers can store any extra stuff you don’t use every day.

Modern crushed velvet beds may come with drawers permanently attached. People prefer to have the wheels because the drawers can be pulled out, and the space underneath the bed can be cleaned periodically. Modern sleigh beds are popular for those who move frequently and want to save space. This bed frame will accommodate any type of mattress. Your choice will depend on your bed-size.

Many consider a solid wood bed frame to be more durable than a metal one. This is because it is less susceptible to warping and rusting. Solid wood bed frames can be durable if they are maintained well. You can dust your bed frame once a year with soapy water. You can even extend the life of your solid wood bed frame by painting or varnishing it. Be sure to check the wood used in the construction of the bed frame. Bedroom furniture made from oak and pine is the best. Plywood is beautiful but not strong enough. Again, particleboard is less expensive than oak and pine, but it can be influenced by the mattress’s weight over time. Wood’s heavy weight is its only disadvantage. However, its beauty, durability and elegance far outweigh this minor disadvantage.