Five Areas To Clean In Your Home!

Would you love to have your home cleaned by a professional cleaner but can’t afford it?

Let’s say, for example, you have some friends or family that are coming over for a party and you want to make them think that you pay for a cleaning service that comes to your home, but really, you don’t and you just clean your house on your own! What can you do about it? Well, here are the five areas to clean in your house so that it looks like it’s been carried out by a professional cleaner:

Cleaning Flat Surfaces First

The very first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to clean all the flat surfaces. I mean all of them, so if there’s anything that is horizontal, you’re going to clean that. That’s going to be all of the seats of all of the chairs. The seats of the sofas. It’s going to be all of the countertops, tables and the stairs. It’s going to be the floor. It’s going to be everything that has a flat surface, and I’m talking end tables, kitchen cupboards, counters, the top of the fridge. If it’s a flat surface, you’re going to clean it! Also, pick up all the clutter and put it away.


Clean Glass Items

Item number two is all of the glass. We’re going to go through the house with some glass polish or glass cleaner, and we’re going to clean all of the glass items. If there are end tables and there’s a little piece of glass in there, you’re going to clean that. All the fingerprints have to go. You’re going to clean all of the mirrors. Mirrors are also made of glass, so all of the mirrors. Then you’re going to clean the entryway windows. If there’s anything else that’s glass, like glass picture frames, you’re going to clean the fronts of all the picture frames. If there’s anything glass in your house, you’re going to wipe that down.

Polishing Your Stuff

All right, While we’re in the polishing mode, we’re going to go through your house, and we’re going to polish everything. If you have furniture polish, then polish all of the flat surfaces. This would be the tops of the tables and the armchairs of the chairs that your guests might sit in. It’s going to be any of the legs of the furniture or any bookshelves or anything that you have with wood on them. If you have stainless steel appliances, you’re going to polish the fronts of those. You’re going to polish everything so it just gleams and is shiny.

Vacuum Your Floors

The next thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to vacuum all the floors. If you have a dust mop and you have hardwood floors or you have ceramic tile, you’re going to use a dust mop and get up all the debris, and junk, and hair, and any debris. If you have a vacuum, you’re going to vacuum the floors that have carpets. Vacuum all the floors and vacuum your way out of the rooms. Now, we will talk about mopping in another time but it’s a similar principle. If you have time, you can also mop the floors but, at least, you want to vacuum and dust mop all of your hardwood floors so, at first glance, everything’s going to look nice and clean.

Take Out All The Trash

Then, the last thing, the fifth item is you’re going to take out all the trash. Go to every room of the house and empty every garbage can that’s there because, if guests come over and they open underneath the bathroom sink and there’s a full garbage, they’re going to go, “Oh, they haven’t cleaned this in a while,” but if they open it up and there nothing inside, they’re going to go, “Wow, a cleaning service was just here. “Those are five things that you can do to tidy up your house and make it look really great if you want people to think you have a cleaning service.

Let’s go back over these one more time real quick. You’re going to clean all of the flat surfaces. Number two, you’re going to clean all of the glass and mirrors. Number three, you’re going to polish all of the furniture and your stainless steel appliances. Number four, you’re going to vacuum and clean all of the floors. Number five, you’re going to take out the trash. Those are five ways that you can make people think you have a cleaning service.

I hope this helps a little bit. If it does, pass it on to a friend. Who knows? Maybe they have company coming over as well. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it!