Five Common Types Of Home Additions

Five Common Types Of Home Additions

Commonly home accompaniments come in very basic types of catering homeowners’ requirements. Since no hard and fast rule applies to the construction of houses, architects and builders have been experimenting and coming up with unique ideas to home add-ons. These ideas are sometimes low cost, provide more room, and could be do-it-yourself. On the other hand, they also add to the aesthetic of the house, raising its market value.

Home additions are like a breath of fresh air. Just like how renovations of a house give it a new life, home add-ons also provide a modern edge to the house. They offer more space to accommodate new furniture, new people, or sometimes pet animals. A builder constructs housekeeping, his budget, market, and other factors in mind. What he does not attach to the house is his emotions because he knows he has to sell it. Homeowners have sentiments attached to the houses, and they want to personalize it according to their choice and affordability. Building a house addition is equally thrilling as constructing a house. The construction is creatively satisfying as it is like painting on a new canvas. Some common types of home add-ons are:


Sunrooms are trendy and are a popular addition in homes. These rooms are created to enjoy the weather without being stepping out. This keeps one safe from insects, birds, and blazing heat. It is a kind of a versatile place where one can entertain guests, enjoy tea or snack with a book, or can lounge around while watching a video on an electronic device. Sunrooms are often called solarium rooms, patio rooms, or sun porches. Generally, people get sunroom custom designed. This area can be utilized for kids to play in the safe environment of home while enjoying the weather. The decoration and furniture of a sunroom primarily based on the reason a customer gets it constructed. If the purpose is to let children play the décor would be pleasing to the child, if it is for entertaining guests, then sofas and table would be sufficient.

Bump out

Bump out in the context of home add-ons exactly mean bumping out. It just means to give an already built space a little more room. It could be done with a bedroom, kitchen, or even a bathroom. If you want to add a tub in a bathroom bumping out is a solution. A bedroom looks cramped because of furniture, bump-out, and it will look spacious and airy. It usually is built for a single function and is meant to be used only for that purpose. It adds some square foot in the existing room. People often get a bump-out in the kitchen to have an adjacent dining room. It is usually built by laying down a new roofline or adding a shed or flat roof. Bumping out not only gives more space for you to keep furniture but also gives your place a modern look.

Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is the most common home add-ons. There could be various reasons for it. The homeowner may not own a car or may have more space than a car’s needs, or the homeowner may prefer to park the car outside the house. This addition is rather tempting and is low cost in general as the foundation is already there. A garage is usually lots of vacant space with no pillars around, which gives more room to creativity. A garage can be converted into almost anything that a homeowner wants it to make. He/she can place some different kinds of plants in pots if the garage is exposed to sunlight. People often put swings, slides and have tracks for skating and cycling for kids. The other plus point about parking is that if a garage has a ceiling, you can build a room above a garage too. This will double the space and remodel the house.

Laundry Room

Having a separate laundry room is a great idea; however, it is not a necessity. A laundry room does not require too much space. Just enough space to place a washing machine and a stand where clothes are hanged for drying. A cabinet is set on a wall where detergents and other laundry stuff are kept. People often keep additional cleanings like vacuum cleaners, broom, and scrapper dustpan like things in the laundry room too. Laundry room gives a house a neat look where clothes, towels, bedsheets, and other stuff are not hanged on doors but are kept in an organized manner.

Kitchen Expansion

It is better to get kitchen customary built according to the home owner’s convenience. Not everyone likes the idea of having food in the kitchen while some prefer to have it there. Similarly, some people like to have two kitchens in one house, one to store dirty plates and dishes while the other one is exposed to people which they tend to keep clean and is more of like for decorative purposes. Kitchen expansion to have space to keep the dining table is a common and valid reason for home embellishments. If a kitchen is cramped and has fewer cabinets, adding more cabinets or a counter breathes new life into the kitchen. Besides, kitchen remodels have the highest returns on investments.


You can have home superfluities to any house, and it might increase its market value. The cost of home addition entirely depends upon various factors, including material, space, locality, and labors you might need. Although home accompaniments can be done through do-it-yourself and there are multiple tutorials available on youtube to do so, it is recommended to get a piece of expert advice before you spend your money on it. It gives your home a new shine without damaging it or breaking many walls. The trick is to have a decent idea and a model made before you begin the process. Creativity does not always good results, and here you have to keep durability and weather conditions in mind. Using quality material, investing more time, and money will give it durability.