Five Home Decor Ideas Using Steel

Aesthetically satisfying decoration within your own home is key to your happiness living in your own environment. Nobody wants to relax and wake up in an environment that doesn’t satisfy their design preferences. When it comes to the design of your home, there are many different ways that it can be designed and with a variety of different materials. Many homes use rustic, wooden looking materials to improve their homes, whilst others use tiling and other materials, it all depends what your preferences are for design. This blog focuses on decorating your home using steel.

Steel Mantlepiece Decor


Decorating your mantlepiece is a simple way of improving your interiors aesthetics. Mantlepieces are commonly decorated with candles, plants, small statues, and more, some of which are constructed with steel. In modern days, a design trend globally is to have words and phrases such as ‘hope’, ‘dream’, and more located around your home. These phrases are quite commonly written in steel, which can be purchased online. There are many websites and stores globally selling these steel word structures. An idea to stick to trends whilst also being unique is to have these words in steel on your mantlepiece. This is sure to improve the aesthetics of your mantlepiece in your home.

Steel Kitchen Utensils

Steel utensils in your kitchen may seem very basic, however, simple steel utensils and tools in your kitchen can create an old fashioned look, additionally to going with a wide variety of kitchen designs. Well-conditioned steel conditions can look fantastic in any kitchen and can also emphasise a modern kitchen additionally to a classic design. With glowing kitchen utensils, pots, and tools on show in your kitchen, you’ll be surprised with the impact that the simple objects can bring. When using utensils for decoration as well as use, it’s important to keep them in excellent condition as well as location well. This will ensure a long-lasting aesthetically pleasing effect.

Steel Photo Frames

Home Decor Ideas

Photo frames with art, friends, family, or whatever you choose to be inside them are an excellent way of improving the aesthetics of your home. It’s always good to see something you love or are passionate about, that’s why art and pictures are always a fantastic option for the walls of your home. On the market, there are various different photo frames that are made from steel in a variety of sizes and shapes. With the variety of photo frames, you’ll easily be able to find a steel frame that matches your home decoration preferences.

Steel Wall Art

Beautiful wall art constructed from steel beams can be an incredible addition to any wall in your home. Steel wall art can pretty much be anything, ranging from maps of the world to animals, historic figures, and much more. An aesthetical benefit of steel wall art is that the colour of the wall is still visible behind the art, meaning the colour of the wall will colour the wall art which is hung. This is also fantastic if your walls have creative wallpaper, which then emphasises the beauty of the wall art. Wall art is available in many home furniture or decoration stores across the world.

Steel Sculptures

Steel sculptures can pretty much be placed anywhere in any room in your home, including your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and any other room in your home that you choose to have the sculpture. Sculptures of any type can draw attention and fascination due to their unique aesthetics. A steel sculpture is a fantastic way to create a unique atmosphere in any room in your home.

Steel In Bristol

Steel is one of the worlds most commonly used construction materials and is used for a multitude of worthy purposes. South West Steel Supplies provide a variety of types of steel in Bristol for all different purposes. This blog was written by NL who is the content writer for South West Steel Supplies. NL has a passion for the growth of business and inspiring people with her content.