Flowers: What To Do When The Heat Is On

Flowers: What To Do When The Heat Is On

Whether you reside in a ridiculously hot climate, or if you’re part of a heatwave (apparently, more of us are subject to these), making sure that your flowers stay preserved when the heat is on is crucial. If you don’t, well, they’ll wilt and suffer all sorts of other issues which effectively renders them useless.

Bearing this in mind, we’ve tapped into some tips to help you along. Again, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, but if the flowers in your home are subjected to higher temperatures here is some advice to help you along.

Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight

We’re hopeful that you will already be fully aware of this first point, as this is often on the instructions label that accompanies any flowers which you buy from a florist or store.

For example, we recently bought a bunch from Avas Flowers. Not only was there plenty of information about the Avas Flowers products available online, but the bouquet came accompanied with a small tag which detailed some care instructions. In truth, it shouldn’t matter whether you are buying from Avas Flowers or another supplier, this information tends to be readily available and accompanied with the product.

If we return to the topic of sunlight, if you leave them exposed too long to this they will start to bloom too quickly. Ultimately, their lifespan is shortened.

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The 45-degree rule

On first glance, it feels as though the main care and attention we need to provide to flowers is just sticking them in a vase of water (more on that later).

Long before you do this you need to get your scissors out though. You need to snip around 2cm from the base of the stem, at an angle of 45 degrees.

What does this do? It just allows your flowers to take in more water. Clearly, when the heat is on, this is crucial and if you don’t follow such advice, you are immediately reducing the chances of having a long-lasting bunch of flowers.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

Unsurprisingly, the main advice when it comes to flowers in hot conditions is keeping them hydrated.

After you have performed the 45-degree rule, turn to your vase and top it up to a comfortable level. Of course, this should be an ongoing process and the heat in the room means that this water will be constantly evaporating, meaning that you need to be applying fresh water every day or two. Aside from the evaporation-factor, warmer water results in more bacteria, which is again hardly ideal for your flowers.

Not only that, but don’t be afraid of giving your flowers a spray with water. This can target the blooms themselves, and just give them that kick which might make them last a little longer.