Forget Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Embrace Stretch Fabric Ceilings For Safety And Beauty

Popcorn ceilings are the banes of real estate agents and homeowners for several reasons. Firstly, they look “unfinished”, old and unclean. Secondly, they inspire the dread of asbestos in the hearts of whoever visits. Thirdly, getting rid of them is a pain.

Yet, you will find only too many homes with popcorn ceilings in the Manhattan area. These are mostly the older homes that have seen Manhattan bloom into the busy business city it is today since the early 1950s. If you live in such a building in the older part of the city or the suburb, there is a good chance you have encountered a fair share of stucco ceilings.

Why is a stretch fabric or PVC ceiling more desirable than popcorn ceiling removal?

Popcorn ceilings were highly trending during the early 70s and late 80s, but they are nothing but a nuisance to the interior designers right now. Not only do they pose multiple challenges during painting a home, but they might also contain asbestos which poses a serious health hazard. If your 80s home has a popcorn ceiling, this is probably a good time to give the asbestos testing and removal company a call. Complete removal of asbestos can cost you a fortune in Manhattan. So, if you are thinking about putting your home in the market, do not forget to deduct the cost of popcorn ceiling removal from the market value.

Stretch Fabric Ceilings

Now, just because your ceiling has traces of asbestos present, does not mean that you have to leave home and set up shop in a motel for a fortnight with your entire family while the professionals finish their job. Sometimes, it is safer to not disturb the asbestos that has been sitting peacefully in or on your ceiling for decades. According to experts at Popcorn Ceiling Solution Manhattan, you should consider enveloping the existing stucco ceiling in PVC or stretch fabric ceilings.

How can stretch fabric ceiling help rental property owners and tenants?

Finding apartments or rental properties in Manhattan is not easy at all, especially, if you are looking for a budget apartment. These seemingly cozy and affordable homes in the older districts often come with popcorn ceilings, and the new tenants don’t have the money or permit to tear down the old popcorn ceilings. Even when you manage to get a hold of that permit, you will find that removing the popcorn texture is simply too time consuming and labor-intensive.

These stretch fabric ceilings are the best solutions in such situations. You can contact your landlord and speak to them about the minimal cost of the installation. You can pick any print or motif that suits your aesthetics and personality. Remember that these stretch ceilings are not only customizable, but also removable. Therefore, you can always change the design in a year and the next tenant can pick any design they please.

It is a brilliant investment that not only saves you time, but also ensures that any potential asbestos content in the ceilings of your new apartment remains safely away from you. It creates an impermeable and safe containment that segregates any potential asbestos from the residents.

When is the best time for the installation of stretch fabric ceilings on popcorn ceilings containing asbestos?

PVC stretch ceilings are excellent for Manhattan homes that have popcorn ceilings as well as a moisture problem. These PVC materials trap the humidity and any present fungal spores between the ceiling and the new PVC stretch layer. In fact, even if your ceiling leaks 24/7, you will hardly notice any drips at all once you install the water-resistant and highly tensile PVC stretch ceilings.

In case you are not renting your current apartment, you might want to reserve the removal of popcorn ceilings for the following situations –

  • When you and the family are taking a long vacation out of town.
  • When you are renovating other parts of the house and that requires you to move into a temporary abode.
  • Before you put your house on the real estate market.
  • Before you move into a new property.

Research shows that the salability of a home increases rapidly once you take a step to either remove the stucco ceilings or simply install PVC or stretch fabric ceilings on top of it. Certifications from asbestos removal companies showing the “safe” status of your home may not help in boosting the desirability of your house as long as it sports a dated popcorn ceiling.

Stretch Fabric Ceilings

Why do homes in Manhattan opt for stretch fabric ceilings?

Homes older than 42 years in Manhattan mostly contain asbestos in their popcorn ceiling. While looking for a new apartment or house, always consider stretch fabric ceilings or water-proof PVC ceilings for containing the old ceiling before you move in.

Working on popcorn ceilings that contain asbestos can pose serious risk to the workers and occupants. Therefore, always try to speak to the professionals, who always deal with installation of stretch ceiling tracks on popcorn ceilings regularly. Look for experienced teams within Manhattan, who can take a look at the property, conduct the tests and give you a workable estimate for the entire process.

The installation does not take more than a day, depending on the size and shape of each ceiling in your house. Oddly shaped ceilings might require a pre-order of stretch fabric according to precise measurements. Additionally, you can put in a word about any special 3-D graphics, 2-D motifs or colors you would like on your ceiling before the company begins the real work. Almost all competitive stretch ceiling companies in Manhattan offer customization options to their clients irrespective of their budget and building type.

In Manhattan, an impressive number of homes are now choosing stretch fabric ceilings instead of re-painting or renovating their ceilings. It saves time, money, energy and it is also the eco-friendly option for everyone. Add a splash of color and breathe a new life into your home with the new stretch fabric ceiling designs that protect you and your loved ones from the potential harmful effects of popcorn ceilings.