Four Key Steps To Save Money On Your Move

Four Key Steps To Save Money On Your Move

Let’s face it moving is a hassle. It is a life-altering stress-fest that can cost a pretty penny if you’re not careful. Luckily, if you follow a few simple guidelines you can master your move and save some money while you’re doing it. Here are four important steps you should take when facing an upcoming move.

Step 1 – Plan Ahead

The first thing you should do when facing an upcoming move is to schedule everything out. Make a game plan packing, organization, unpacking, when you will contact your service providers, when you will plan a service switch to your new abode, if you will use a moving service, and finally what you will take with you. Planning can save you from huge problems developing later. For instance, if you take measurements of your new pad it can tell you whether or not certain pieces of your furniture will fit. If you contact your service providers and make a schedule you can ensure that Wifi and power are already turned on when you move in. You can also avoid paying for power in a space you no longer use. You can also plan to move during the off-season so you can save money on a service.

Step 2 – DIY or Movers?

A great way to save money is to do the moving yourself. Pack your own stuff, use blankets for packing material, rent your own truck, and move your own self. Using a mover, however, also dials down on stress as you literally get someone else to do the heavy lifting. One step you must take is to decide which option you will choose. Choosing DIY means you need illicit your friends to help, find a good rental truck or borrow a buddy’s pick-up if you don’t mind a few trips, and start collecting boxes. Choosing a mover means you need to compare and contrast, look at their ratings online, and read the fine print. You can also save money by choosing Allied Van Lines. You will also ensure that your belongings will be taken care of by an honest and forthright service.

Step 3 – Purge Yourself

A major pitfall many movers make is avoiding a purge. Getting rid of excess junk is a great way to prepare for a move. It saves money as it reduces what has to be transported. It can also make money as selling your stuff is also an option. Often times old pieces of furniture will be too big for the new space. Donating or selling the furniture simplifies your life and grants the ability to redecorate. Purging also ensures that you will not clutter up your new home with a bunch of junk you no longer need. If you have nice stuff you need to get rid of you can sell it. The internet is teeming with marketing sites that can get you the most money out of your sale.

Step 4 – Meal Plan

No one thinks about food when they approach a move. The fact is considering the food aspect of a move can save a good deal of money. Most people utilize fast food options when moving. They also eat out way more during the transitional period. A food plan allows you to prep meals that are better suited for traveling with non-refrigerated options as well as snacks. Avoiding a splurge of dining out spending is a great way to shave some cost off your move. You can even meal plan by cooking dishes ahead of time that you can warm up later. It is far easier to toss a casserole in the oven or warm up a dish in the microwave than to actually attempt to cook something after moving. If you plan far enough ahead you can even have a whole week’s worth of prep allowing your transition to be well-fed as well as smooth.