Garage Door Panel: Do You Need To Repair Or Replace It?

If you own a sectional roll-up garage door, you probably already know that this type of door has at least three (3) hinged panels. These panels are exposed to wear and tear caused by the weather, not to mention your door’s age can also be a factor. Or, worse case, it gets hit by a vehicle.

If one of your panels is looking a little less than its best, do you repair it or should you replace it? Here’s a quick guide that will help you decide.

What’s Your Door’s Age?

Your door’s age is one of the major factors to consider. A typical garage door has a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years. If your door is 10 years of age or less, a repair would do. Replacement can only be an option if you can find a seller of used pieces. Either way, most of these panels are sold as a whole set rather than individual pieces.

Also, newer models carry advanced features that your old garage door may not have. Features that improve door safety and energy efficiency include automatic reversing mechanisms, pinch-resistant doors, electronic eye sensors, and and high quality insulation.

If you’replanning to sell your property, a new door will also help increase is value as well as improve the overall appeal of your home.

What Caused The Damage?

The cause of the damage is another factor you should consider if you would opt to replace or repair your garage door panels.

Typical wear and tear damages can create minor blemishes like scratches, rust patches, dents, warps, or cracks. It’s highly recommended to consult professional services to accurately assess the gravity of the problem. If the problem is confined to just one panel, a repair is an option. A wood filler or paint can be a quick fix.

If the damage is caused by an accident, let’s say, your vehicle smashing in your door or acts of nature like hurricane damage, or was accessed by an intruder, the damage extent may go beyond a single panel. This could be a threat to your family’s safety while using the door. Internal parts may have been compromised although the damage is not visible on the external.

If you are having difficulty closing the garage door, this is a clear sign you need professional help.

What’s The Cost?

Sadly, garage door panel repairs is one of the most expensive services. The cost would depend on the professional you are going to hire to do the fix. Installation of a new panel cost can range from $250 to $700 depending on the size. Replacement, on the other hand, can cost homeowners to about $1000 including labor and supplies.

To decide on which option is best for your budget, review your warranty first and get price estimates from various service providers.

Safety should always come first. A minor damage can cost you more in the long run if you do not take care of it right away. If you notice any disturbance as you operate your door, do not continue using it until you can repair or replace it. You may place your family at risk if you choose to continue using a faulty garage door.

Author Bio

Mik Vil writes for Canadian Garage Door Repair – a repair and replacement service catering to residential and commercial property owners in Vancouver and nearby areas.