The Handy Solution to Your Holiday Home Decor

You still have time to decorate for Christmas and New Year’s! Whether you celebrate or not, it may not be a bad idea to put up some cheery ornaments and delicately-arranged wreaths as several studies have shown that you are more likely to be happy when you decorate for the holidays.

Get into the spirit today without letting the busy time of year get in the way of beautifying your home. Once you hear about how Handy is the perfect solution to your holiday decor nightmares, you will never look back. With the help of professional handymen and cleaners at Handy, all you need to do is take care of the fun part: the creative direction and decor/furniture shopping! This online and app solution means that you can set up cleaning or installations schedules and make the payment all in one place.

No need to worry about setting up your lights. Sit back with a fresh mug of hot cocoa as you watch your favorite Christmas movie and let a professional take care of the heavy work!

Here are a few fun holiday decor ideas to spruce up your space:

  1. Plaid Blankets and Linens: Throw a cozy plaid blanket onto your couch and a colorful plaid tablecloth on your table and you’ll automatically see a difference in your holiday spirit. Small details can go a long way!
  2. Fresh Greenery Garlands: Beautify your fireplace mantle with a green garland that you can find at your local Christmas store. Add in some holly, pines and cedar as well as twinkling lights and your home will smell and look like joy.
  3. Miniature Tree: Sure, you may have a large statement tree in your foyer, but who said one was enough? Why not add a smaller variation in your bedroom so that the first thing you see when you wake up is festivities?
  4. Indoor Wreaths: Add in whimsical, muted and metallic ornaments to add an elegant touch to your wreath, or brightly-hued colors for a fun spruce up.
  5. Joyful Staircase: Highlight your staircase by snaking around another green garland with multi-colored lights. Have fun with this one by adding in a few ornaments.
  6. Basket of Apples: It’s all about finding creative ways to add in those red and green colors into your space. A sleek basket of juicy-looking, red apples can do the trick… The fun part is that it also doubles as a healthy treat for you and the kids!
  7. Cookie Tin Stack: Stack up your favorite brightly-packed Christmas tins and wrap them around with garlands. You have yourself a unique decoration right from the pantry!
  8. Christmas Card Display: Hang your old Christmas cards on a ribbon in your home for an easy way to flare up your home just in time for the holidays.