Hardwood Flooring To Add A Milieu Of Grandeur To Your Home

To add a stunning atmosphere and appearance to your home is in every homeowner’s reach, especially when it comes to the choice of hardwood flooring. Using oak for that brand new floors, can add the perfect touch to an alluring, enchanting and beautiful home, fit for the taste of a connoisseur!

Although there is a variety of hardwood flooring available nowadays, the warmth that oak can reflect whilst adding a timeless style, can never be overlooked!

Types of Oak

Although oak is widely known, a lot of home owners don’t know that there are actually two unique kinds! This is white and red oak and there are only elusive differences as far as cost, hardness and durability are concerned. The distinguishing characteristics between these two marvellous kinds of oak are the grain pattern and colour.

Whether you are choosing the red or white species, will depend on your taste and as there are such a wide range available, it can be difficult to make up your mind! Now you can get free flooring samples here

Why you should opt for Oak Hardwood Flooring

  1. Cost

Oak trees are growing throughout North America, therefore it is easily available. However, because of this it affects its price to be lower than many other hardwoods. This affects the more exotic types of wood which must be ordered from abroad. Another fact it is that it is much easier to install than other types and the process is much faster compared to other hardwoods.

  1. Splendour

American houses reflect the unique warm colours and patterns of this beautiful hardwood with so many possibilities. Its light shade but still warmth, add that special tone which can be used for the traditional homes of a previous era or the contemporary styles of today.

  1. Durability

Oak is an excellent hardwood and has enormous durability! Old reclaimed wood is available which is about two centuries old and fetch very high prices! Oak has an inherent resistance to withstand pests and bugs!

  1. Variety

Although many people associate oak with old traditional homes, it is refreshing to know that it is available in a wide range of products! To choose the right stain can be quite a daunting task, because all of it is marvellous! Furthermore due to oak’s great ability to absorb stains, it gives you the choice to change its colour at a later stage! This only adds to its versatility!

Whether you choose red or white oak flooring, the choice is yours. Whilst the red species vary from a honey-yellow it also has a tinge of warm amber to reflect in brownish undertones. The red oak also has a wider grain pattern, almost flowing in a waving pattern.

White oak displays a palette of neutralism and the variance between colours, is less compared to red oak. Its pattern is also tighter and straighter. It goes well with almost all decoration styles.

According to the Janka Hardness Scale, a test which determines the resistance of wood-samples to wear and dents, it is interesting to note that white oak has a ranking of 1,360 in comparison to its red counterpart’s, 1,290! During this procedure the force needed to ram a .444-inch (11.28 mm) steel ball into the wood-sample to half of the steel ball’s diameter, is assessed. This procedure then leaves an indent in the wood. The rankings of this hardness test are used to evaluate the suitability of a wood-species for the utilization of flooring. You can read this article to lean more about the Janka Hardness Scale- http://www.gohaus.com/the-beat/flooring/what-is-janka-hardness-scale/ and get full exposure for the safety and beauty of your homes as well as offices.

Taking into account the advantages of choosing red or white oak, makes it a wonderful option for hardwood flooring for added grandeur!