Here’s How Termites Can Damage Charleston South Carolina Homes

Here’s How Termites Can Damage Charleston South Carolina Homes

Termites may be tiny, but they are far from harmless. Termites can cause costly damages to South Carolina Homes. Due to the humid climate, South Carolina homes are a hotbed for infestations. Therefore, homeowners should know the signs of infestations and hold regular professional inspections.

The type of damage to property will depend on the species of termites that have infested your home. Termites will feed on almost anything with cellulose, from boxes, books, picture frames, drywall, structural timbers, and carpet backing. No home is safe from termites; they only require a crack to gain access.

Here are forms of damage from termites that you can prevent or intervene by getting professional termite Inspections Charleston, SC.

Damage To Hardwood And Hardwood Frames

Have you spotted tiny holes in your hardwood floor or furniture? The culprits are likely dry-wood termites. The sole function of a termite is to recycle cellulose found on wood. To these blind creatures, the furniture in your house is just dead wood to chew on.

If the infestation is by subterranean termites, they’ll chew through soft knotholes, while dry wood termites leave tiny fecal pellets near their holes. If you’re unsure of the species, get professional termite Inspections in Charleston, SC.

Cosmetic And Aesthetic Damage

Apart from the structural damage, termites are capable of causing cosmetic damage to South Carolina homes. Signs of this damage include deterioration or discoloration of paint, flooring, or wallpaper.

Termites also form mud tubes on walls far from pleasing the eye. These tubes are one of the first signs of an infestation. If you notice any aesthetic damage, seek professional termite Inspections in Charleston, SC, to identify exactly where the termites are and address the infestation before more damage is incurred.

Poses Health Risks

Many people think of damage to their homes and wonder if the same extends to your health. While termites may not pose an immediate risk to an individual’s health, they have the potential for adverse effects.

Termites may sting and bite, but their wounds are not toxic. People living in infested homes may suffer asthma attacks and allergic reactions due to the ventilation and heating systems that contribute to the spread of dust and irritating particles from the termite nests.

Some people are also allergic to termite droppings and saliva. Getting rid of termites through  termite Inspections in Charleston, SC, lowers the risk of these unwanted health complications.

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When To Seek Termite Inspections Charleston, SC

Termites are highly destructive, and their effects affect the structural integrity of the wood. You’ll need to replace or get additional support for structures demanding the extent of the damage. If you notice any sign of a termite infestation, seek an inspection service, that way, you can get solutions to manage the infestation and prevent further damage.

Protect Your Home

Termite damage can cost an arm and a leg to fix. Knowing that South Carolina is a hotbed, precaution is better than cure. Seek a company offering regular termite inspection and protecting your home. If you suspect that yours is already infested, seek termite control services and prevent the colony from multiplying and causing further damage.