Home Improvements Must-Haves That are Always Neglected

Juggling between work and family life, it’s no wonder you can neglect your home. And when you get to it and do what you think is a thorough house cleaning, instead of feeling accomplished and complete, you think that something is missing. If you’re one that encounters this, then it might be that it’s home improvement you need not just a simple house cleaning. So where should you start?

Here are five simple improvements that are often neglected but once done can turn back your dwelling place to its former glory.

Fresh paint on your walls

Sometimes, what it all takes to revive the charm of your living room is a little fresh paint. Wall paints do fade with the time that even a thorough dusting and scrubbing with soap won’t do the job. Consider sanding off your old paint and repainting your walls. You can even go on and change your wall color with a new paint job. You can also add more character and texture to your walls with paintable wallpaper. Fresh paint or a new wallpaper might be just what your room is missing to give that modern and clean look.

A better house lighting

So now you have that fresh paint, but still, the room looks dark and uninviting. Then your lighting might just be the culprit. Lighting makes a world of a difference from changing the room’s ambiance to making the room appear more spacious. If you still have that incandescent light bulbs, replace them with the more energy-efficient LED bulbs. It will make your house brighter with more lighting. During the day, take advantage of the natural light with sheer drapes and curtains. Or if you have small windows, worry not as you can always compensate by placing mirrors on walls opposite to windows to create that brighter home.

Real greenery to add life to a room

Sometimes a simple way to give life to your house is to add life itself in the form of houseplants. Houseplants are always an excellent addition to your home. They can be made a décor in any room while improving the quality of your indoor air. Studies also show that houseplants can reduce background noise. So if you’re near a highway, you can reduce car noise with the addition of a houseplant in your house. Moreover, natural environment can reduce stress so adding a houseplant won’t hurt.

A clean house exterior

Don’t just focus on the interior, also give your house exterior, the patio, and the yard some needed attention. Your lawn might need a bit of restoring or some gardening. Practice your green thumb by planting flowers that can make your house front more vibrant. If your driveway appears black from all the dirt and dust, do some cleaning with household products like cornstarch or baking soda to remove stains. Another good idea is to use a pressure washer if simple household products can’t do the work. You can also use the pressure washing to clean the stairs, patio decks and sheds to give your home that brand new and inviting look.