House Works – Wet Windows And Air Exchangers

Most of us face the wet windows and air exchanger’s issues in our regular life. But, we keep ignoring it till a time come when it needs a repair or a replacement.  Thus, care should be taken from the beginning. Here are a few problems and solution to it:

Things to check when you are buying a bigger air exchanger:

First of all, your need to check if the current air exchanger is not working efficiently due to non-maintenance. In that case, clean the filters and gauge the speed of the unit. Some air exchangers also have a humidistat that automatically shuts down with the change in humidity. In that case, you can lower the humidistat as per the requirement. These reasons are suspected because ideally, an air exchanger should work in a house of a couple of thousand square feet.

Make a list of 4 – 5 heating and ventilation contractors around your vicinity and then ask for homeowner references and do a cross check. This should help you to find a reputable installer. You can also contact us to know more about AIC Group as we are professionals who can take care of your heat exchange needs.

If your house has a humidifier, there also might be a possibility of that interfering with the performance of the air exchanger. This is because the humidifier adds moisture to the air faster than the exchanger taking it out. During winters, you need to shut it down and see if it is helping. The root cause of an increase in condensation problem can never be due to the installation of new windows. In fact good, tighter windows can worsen the condensation though they help in providing better ventilation.

Shop Vac For Basement Cleaning

A: A proper shop vac with a wand and dusting brush is all that can be thought of at present. An outdoor situation could have been easily tackled with a powerful leaf blower without worrying about where the dust would go. But this is an indoor task and hence it will also be a little challenging especially around the floor joints. Better buy a powerful one rather than a small or medium sized one which won’t have enough suction power.

Drying a Wet Stone Basement

Though it is tricky to dry your basement without messing your yard and that too at lower cost, you can try one of these.

First and foremost, get a second sump pump installed to increase the pumping facility in your basement. Make sure that both the pumps are set into a sump recessed into the floor. Secondly, trying to keep the level of water under the level of the basement floor could be helpful. Coating the interiors of your basement walls with a waterproof product is a good idea as well. You can go with Xypex, Drylok or any other better one of your choice.