Housing Styles in Arizona

Arizona is a desired state for many people to live in because of the beautiful Arizona weather. Desert weather is a huge draw for many people. Because Arizona is a desert state, the housing styles are usually very similar to what you would find in other hot locations. Stucco is a great option for homes in Arizona as well as clay tile roofs. You have likely noticed both of these things when you have driven through Arizona.

Real estate agents learn a lot about real estate as they study Arizona real estate exam prep materials, but they don’t teach them about the different styles of homes and anchor that they are going to be selling in the state of Arizona.

There are a few different styles that we are categorizing under ‘Spanish style’. Because Arizona is close to the Mexico border, the style has spread into the state and become very popular. These homes have square corners and usually are constructed of stucco. The stucco is almost always red in tone. Sometimes people would even refer to these homes as pink or orange.

Cachet Homes 1.jpeg (3029×1812)

The roofs are constructed of red tile that does well in high temperatures. These tiles help keep the homes cooler as they do not attract the heat to the same level that an average black shingle does. They also add to the style of the home and do well in the extremely dry heat and weather.

  • Desert Style

Similar to a Spanish style home, desert style homes are very popular. These homes look very similar to a Spanish style, but they are lighter in color. You won’t likely see the red tones in the stucco. These homes are more neutral in color and often have more modern touches. The windows may be black and modern when compared to the rounded features of a Spanish style home.

arizona-desert-house-with-fascinating-pools-1.jpg (1800×1200)

  • Ranch Style

Surprisingly, there are quite a few ranch style homes scattered throughout Arizona. Most of the ranch styles homes in Arizona have been there for many years, but they are regularly being updated. One of the advantages of living in a ranch style home is that it is easier to keep cool than a home that has two stories. Trying to air condition a home with two floors can be difficult and expensive. You are almost always going to have to have two units in order to cool both floors. Ranch style homes provide the square footage that families are looking for but greatly lower their utility bill each month making them a great choice.