How A Solar Panel Shading Analysis Works

How A Solar Panel Shading Analysis Works

A solar panel shading analysis is a simple, but crucial part of the solar panel power system process. Simply put, there are going to be some obstacles or obstructions that will cause shading in certain areas where you would like to install solar panels. These issues can impact how well your solar panels will be able to produce power, so it is important that they are pointed out and ironed out properly.

There was a time when this process was mapped out using manual tools and charts. And, while it was an accurate process, it was time-consuming and rather expensive to accomplish. Nowadays, the solar panel shading analysis process is done digitally.

Shading Analysis Models

Today we use 3D models created by using extremely high-resolution aerial images procured from satellites and rendered through our computer programs. From these images we are able to very accurately account for trees, other buildings, wires, and other possible obstructions to your direct sunlight and render them into an accurate 3D model.

The solar panel shading analysis software used during this process runs calculations on the position of the sun and where shadows will be cast in accordance with all of the sun’s different positions. This can produce a 3D image or even a timelapse video that shows all of the shaded areas on your roof hourly, or even throughout the year.

Thanks to this data, a solar panel shading analysis is able to come up with the best locations and offsets in order to get the absolute most out of your solar panel power system based on the limitations that may be present.

Quick And Easy

Thanks to modern technology, a process that used to require a lot of time spent on-site doing calculations is now able to be done rather quickly from the confines of our offices.

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