How Best To Use The Curves Of The Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair

Le Corbusier and his partners designed the Lc4 chair with sleek, cleanly articulated curves and edges that have been specifically oriented to fit the contours of a human body. The result is an ingenious form that is quite striking to the eye no matter how or where you place it. If you want to highlight the shape of your Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair, here are 5 great ideas to get you started:


The Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair comes in a number of different upholsteries. These are largely dark in color and pattern, which is why you need a light backdrop to complement its curves. However, unless you’re going for full scale minimalism, a plain white background won’t really cut it. In this case, you can use stylish wall beading just like the one featured in this image to enhance the presence of your Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair.

  • Using a solid color scheme


If you don’t like a lot of visual clutter and want to use the curves of your Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair as a design element of their own, then try going for a painted backdrop. The great thing about this idea is that you can personalize the color scheme according to your wishes. A burgundy theme would have a bold outlook, a grey one would look neutral, a navy one would look retro, and a white one would evoke a minimalist aura.

  • Breaking boundaries between spaces


If you think that the Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair is not meant to be used outdoors then think again. This iconic modern furniture piece has always been breaking boundaries and is a great way to furnish your outdoors with. You can set it up in your Zen gardens, indoor patios, terraces, and verandahs. You can also set up a cluster of these in an open courtyard with a large skylight in the middle – just like the one featured in this image. The natural backdrop would definitely highlight the curves of these chairs.

  • Pair up with the similarly curved


One of the best ways to highlight the unique physique of the Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair is to pair it up with similarly curved furniture pieces. It can be an end table, a cluster of nesting tables, or even an art piece in the background. If you take a look at this image, you’ll see how the gorgeously curved end table complements the distinct form of the lounge chair. Both pieces complement each other perfectly.

  • As a standalone piece

A great way to highlight the curves of your Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair is to use it as a standalone piece of furniture. When it is placed next to a bunch of other things, it automatically blends in with the rest of the ambiance. However, when you use it as a freestanding piece, it ends up taking all the attention and feels like a statement piece within the room.

The Corbusier Lc4 Lounge Chair is an extremely unique furniture piece and we hope that these 5 tips help you highlight it within your home interiors.