How Can A Modern Bedroom Look More Luxurious?

How Can A Modern Bedroom Look More Luxurious?

What’s the difference between a modern bedroom and a luxurious bedroom you ask? Let me tell you, a modern bedroom would have the latest and the trendiest furniture that will give it a contemporary look. The furniture used in a modern bedroom would have an intended use as in nothing in that bedroom will be there just as a showpiece. Whereas a luxurious bedroom will have more of a classy look with designer furniture, there’s a number of ways by which you can transform your bedroom to look more luxurious. Transforming the look from modern to luxurious is not very difficult, but first, we have to determine if your bedroom is indeed modern or not.

What Is A Modern Bedroom

To do that let me first tell you what a modern bedroom looks like & what makes it modern. The term “Modern Decor ” arose out of the German Bauhaus art school in the 1900s, which reflected the mindset of the modernism movement. Simple, clean, functional & bright are the four horsemen of any modern house, the modernism movement embraced the concept of “Form follows function” meaning the most important function of any furniture is its intended use, rather than it’s appearance.

What Is A Luxurious Bedroom

Now let me tell you the difference between a modern bedroom & a luxurious bedroom, what people don’t understand is that luxury doesn’t necessarily mean costly products it also depends on the design & style of the furniture. Luxurious is a style, it’s a feeling which cannot be achieved with just money you would have to invest some time & money to make it happen. Whereas a modern bedroom is defined as “the reflection of the modern art movement on the interiors of the home”. There are many central characteristics & designs seen throughout a modern design which makes it difficult to define it.

What Do You Need To Do?

Now it’s time for you to spend some money and give your modern bedroom a luxurious look. Simply follow these suggestions and feel the ambiance of your bedroom transform into something new.

One of the most important things is that the furniture you buy for the bedroom should match the other decor, and the furniture should not look like it’s been stuffed in the bedroom rather it should look like each furniture is placed with a thought in mind.

To give your bedroom a more luxurious style and feel you could add some oversized throw pillows to your bed and fur blankets with a matching premium bedsheet, this will give your bed a very cozy feel with a luxurious look.

For lighting, you could add a chandelier that does not have a very heavy look, it should be plain and simple which will provide better light all over the room and give the room a cleaner look. You could also go for lampshades, they’ll provide a dim light which will be perfect to fall asleep and during day time they’ll work as an accessory to your bedroom.

You could also add a nice rug under the bed which compliments the floor, it’ll just be an accessory but nothing says luxury better than a nice rug. With rugs, you need to be selective you cannot purchase a rug just to purchase one, it needs to be of good quality. You can opt for rugs with fur, they cost a bit more but they’re very comfortable to walk on and let us just agree that they can totally change the feel of any room.

For the walls, you should use bold colors that display confidence such as royal blue or forget the walls altogether and replace them with see-through windows and add some premium & classy drapes. On the wall behind the bed, you should use some wall art or wall patterns that blend in with the theme of the room to make the bedding area stand out, stripes or just messy wall pattern looks great and gives the empty boring wall a nice twist.