How Can I Increase My Kerb Appeal?

How Can I Increase My Kerb Appeal?

Kerb appeal is a really big part of being a homeowner – whether you’re looking to sell or simply want to be even prouder of your property, we’ve put some information together to help you increase your kerb appeal and have any passers-by jealous!

Pops of Colour

One of the easiest ways to make the front of your home more attractive is to add colour. This will draw the eye of anyone walking past and get them interested. There are several different ways that you can add colour, from hanging pots and planters to repainting your windowpanes. A great advantage of using flowers to add your colour is that you can change the colour depending on seasons, having big bright blooms in the spring and summer and switch to deep orange and greens as you enter autumn. Adding flowers to brighten your house is a quick and easy way to attract attention on a budget, making it a very popular method of improving kerb appeal.

Assess your Front Door

When someone comes to view your property, your front door is the first thing that they will see so you want to make sure that it sticks in their memory for all the right reasons. Old, scuffed and scratched front doors will often make viewers worry about how the marks got there, and can put them off the house before they even see the inside. Thankfully, it can be easy to refresh your front door and make sure that it’s as welcoming as possible for your viewers.

Whether you decide to replace your door or repaint it altogether, picking the colour can completely transform a house. Some of the most popular colours are –

  • Lilac
  • Mustard yellow
  • Grey
  • Navy blue
  • Black

These colours will all catch the eye of any passers by and will help you completely transform your kerb appeal, encouraging your viewers into the house and keeping it in their minds once they’ve gone.

Maintaining Greenery

A big turn-off for potential buyers is if there is greenery on your property that hasn’t been maintained. Whether it’s an overgrown lawn or hedges that have gotten out of control, an uncared garden will make viewers think there are further problems. There can be suspicions of Japanese knotweed which can be catastrophic for homeowners, or just put them off if they don’t want to have to deal with the mess. This is especially true for viewers who haven’t seen your listing online and are just passing by – if a property is well looked after, they’re much more likely to find the listing online and then book a viewing. Spending some time tidying up any greenery that you have will help to dramatically increase your kerb appeal and encourage your sale.

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Keep it Clean

Whether it’s autumn and you find that you get lots of fallen leaves on your driveway, or you have furry visitors that are known for emptying your bins, keeping the front of your property clean will help to increase your kerb appeal. Sweeping the front of the house before visits is a good idea to prevent any build-up and keep the place looking its best.

Another good option is to pressure wash the driveway, especially in colder months where there can be a lot of residue that can lead to slippery paths. Keeping on top of this will both help your property look its best and avoid any accidents during your viewings!

Move Visible Dustbins

While we all know that dustbins are a necessity, they can be incredibly unsightly, especially in the summer when the heat can make the contents smell. Moving them to the side of the property, or out of eyesight from your kerb will make a huge difference and help your house look much more appealing to passers-by. If your bins are on the dirtier side and do have a smell, you can also wash them after they’ve been emptied, or if you’re not keen on getting your hands dirty have someone do it for you. This will eliminate the build-up of grime often found in the bottom of bins and reduce the smell, which can be very noticeable especially when the bins are close to the front door.

Clean Windows

It’s incredible how much of a difference this will make and is a tip that the majority of homeowners forget about. You may decide to clean your own windows, but generally you will be able to find someone locally who can do this for you. Clean windows will make the front of your property look much more attractive, and is an easy way to draw people in. Refreshing the paint on window frames will also make a big difference and will often make them look like new!

Kerb appeal is a huge part of selling your house. Sometimes the little things make all the difference, and spending some time improving the exterior can help you really increase the amount of interest that your house generates. Your potential buyers will likely be viewing several other houses along with yours, so follow these steps and help your house stand out from the others!