How Can You Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly In Singapore?

How Can You Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly In Singapore?

If you live in Singapore you already know that the weather is changing all the time. You simply do not have control over the outside temperature, so it makes sense to install an air conditioning unit at home. This way you can have the comfort you need 24 hours a day regardless of what the weather decides to throw at you.

However, installing an air conditioning unit is just the beginning, proper maintenance must follow to ensure a flawless performance. The truth is that even the best air conditioning unit can malfunction at times if you’re not careful, leading to repair costs and increased electricity bills.

To help you prevent that, we have a few tips to keep the AC unit running smoothly 24/7 that were kindly provided by one of the top companies providing air-conditioning servicing to households in Singapore.

Clean The Condenser Unit

That’s the unit you have outside your home. The reason you want to clean it is because it can have a lot of dust, dirt or grime that might end up making it less efficient. Remove any debris and try to clean it up as often as you can to improve the AC efficiency. Of course, you can also hire a team of air conditioning experts in Singapore if you want a professional to look at this.

Increase Your Thermostat With A Few Degrees

The reason you want to do that is because you get to save energy and money. Ideally you want a programmable thermostat that will automatically make changes to the indoor temperature. It certainly helps a lot and it conveys a sense of value without having to rush or anything like that.

Keep Any Heat-Producing Appliances Away

If the thermostat feels heat around it, then it will make the AC unit run more. This means it will use the unit more and that on its own can be a very challenging prospect to take into consideration. You need to do everything you can to keep the room cool, otherwise some issues can arise.

Clean The Air Filters

Those filters are there just to protect you from added dust in your home. That’s why you need to clean them up often, since it will help you stay safe and eliminate any possible problems that might arise. It’s important to clean them up once a few months, maybe even monthly if you’re using the AC unit a lot.

Insulate The Ductwork

You want to do that because it will prevent any air leaks. Of course, it’s still a good idea to have a professional do this, otherwise those small leaks can indeed become problematic and that’s the thing you want to avoid.

Keep The Blinds And Curtains Closed

If you keep them open, that will bring in more heat in your home and that’s the type of thing you want to avoid. Once you keep them closed, it will help you retain a stable temperature and you can avoid feeling that sense of overheat within your home. It definitely works, and it makes things a lot better.

One thing is certain, it’s important to think about air conditioning maintenance from time to time. Since the weather in Singapore can be very hot sometimes, a simple approach like this can make a huge difference. Follow these tips and you will have no problem boosting the AC unit efficiency in the long run!