How Changing Your Habits Can Save The Planet

How Changing Your Habits Can Save The Planet

Small actions by us all might not save the planet, but getting into new habits and changing our everyday approach could be a real help in the long run.

We’re facing an uphill battle to save Earth when it comes to climate change, so you might be thinking: “What good could one person do to make a difference?”.

You’re correct, one person most likely can’t have a huge impact, especially not enough to completely reverse the damage already done.

But what if we all made small changes? Every single person. That could make a big difference for our future…

At Home

Most likely the simplest place to implement tiny eco tweaks to benefit the Earth. Switch up your bathroom habits by using more sustainable solutions, like eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper or packaging-free shampoos and soaps.

Use all-natural cleaners instead of those that are chemical-rich, or better yet, make your own from lemon, vinegar or baking soda.

Make meal plans to avoid excess waste, and any waste you do have, compost it so it becomes lovely fertiliser for plants and flowers!

On The Road

If you can, avoid using your car. Road emissions are one of the biggest factors when it comes to climate change, so think of the alternatives.

Walk, if possible – not only will you save your carbon footprint from growing, there are a number of health benefits from getting out and stretching your legs.

Need to be somewhere in a hurry or your destination is further away? Hop on your bike to keep your emissions low and get some exercise while you’re at it.

Thinking about going away on vacation? Why not stay local and find somewhere nearby. By doing this, you can avoid plane travel and the inescapable emissions it causes.

Lifestyle Changes That Can Protect The Future Of Our Planet

At The Shop

Buy brands that care about the planet – anything with a B Corp logo or Fairtrade is often the best to go for in terms of being eco conscious.

Switch up your single-use coffee habit (those pods are awful for the planet and just end up on landfills) by using beans or ground coffee and biodegradable filters. Or treat yourself to a fancy bean-to-cup machine – you can even reuse the spent coffee grounds for planting seeds and nurturing plants!

Not everyone wants to hear this, but lowering your intake of meat products also has a significantly positive effect on the planet. Meat production accounts for a large portion of carbon emissions across the world, so switching to a more plant-heavy diet can reduce the need for so much production.

Educate Yourself

Read up on how you can make changes – attend workshops in your neighbourhood, take part in beach clean ups or tree planting initiatives.

It could be as small as picking up some stray rubbish on the side of the road that was destined for the bin but didn’t quite make it.

Not only are you giving something back to the planet, but you’re creating good habits and teaching yourself how important it is to be mindful of the effect we all have.