How Do I Choose the Best Wall Mirror for My New Apartment?

How Do I Choose the Best Wall Mirror for My New Apartment?

Finding the best wall mirror for your room or location is a challenging task, especially when you consider all the many options out there. In fact, globally, consumers are expected to spend more than $10 billion on mirrors and other wall decors annually by 2025.

That’s a lot of demand! In the following article, we walk you through the basics of what is out there and how to make the right decision.

Pick a Shape and Size

Before you can find the most affordable mirror, you have to decide on the purpose the mirror will serve. There are many different reasons to keep a mirror.

One, you might want to create a more spacious appearance for a room. Two, you might just need something functional that will allow you to check your hair, makeup, or attire.

Finally, mirrors possess decorative qualities and charms. It’s up to you to pick the right shape and size. The most common are as follows.

Wall Mirrors

A wall mirror is typically hung by one or more nails on the wall of a room, depending on the wall mirror size and weight. Larger wall mirror dimensions are typically used for the sake of checking your appearance.

Some of the best uses of wall mirrors include in hallways, family rooms, bathrooms (to check multiple angles at once), and bedrooms. The wall mirror shape can range from square and rectangular to round or oval.

Full Length

A full-length mirror is a favorite in bedrooms or dressing areas because they give the user a chance to see every detail of their clothing and appearance at once. Full-length mirrors can be either wall mirrors or freestanding. Rectangular and elliptical shapes are the most common.


Freestanding mirrors are usually full-length and also provide a cosmetic function to the user. Unlike wall mirrors, they do not have to be hung or nailed, or affixed to any part of the room.

They are usually large but mobile and don’t take up a lot of room thanks to the base design. Check the area where you plan to keep it first (dressing rooms and bedrooms normally). Do this to ensure that it won’t greatly affect how well you’re able to move about the room when getting ready.

Decide Where to Put It

A home wall mirror can be hung virtually anywhere, though you will want to make some allowances. Namely, for heavy mirrors, consider affixing them to the wall by a stud beam so it doesn’t endanger the drywall.

Freestanding mirrors give you less space to work with because they don’t flatten against anything. So, you’ll want to keep that in mind as well as you decide what to do.

Give Yourself a Choice

Size, of course, is only part of what you should consider when buying mirrors. Other important factors are the borders (if any), materials (metal, steel, aluminum), shape, size, and cost.

Also, check with designers regarding the right color combinations in relation to where the mirror will be located. Think through your options before reaching a final decision.

The Best Wall Mirror Is the One That Completes Your Room

Trying to find the best wall mirror boils down to the same principles no matter how many different options from which you have to choose. That is, consider the mirror types, the location where it will go, how much you want to spend, and what you want it to bring to your room. For more interior design tips, check out some of our additional posts!