How Lawn Mower Work?

How Lawn Mower Work?

Is your lawnmower not working properly? Or do you want to dip your fingers to learn some engine repair? In any of the situations, you need to know how lawnmower works. Because no individual can repair a mower or any other machine without knowing its internal components.

Walk-behind and riding mowers are the most common lawn maintenance tools available in the market. Fuel types also differ between battery, gas or centricity. Today, we will discuss the step by step working a walk-behind petrol propelled mower.

Lawnmowers work similarly to your car

Imagine a lawnmower as your car, but this time with a blade instead of wheels. So, when you drive your lawnmower around the yard, it will move its blades and cut the grasses. It’s a very straightforward and simple description that even a beginner would understand. Let’s move on the details for better explanation.

Starting the mower

A petrol lawnmower powers on when you pull its starting chord. Do you know what happens when you pull the rope? It spins the engine manually and brings some fuel as well as the air inside. The carburetor makes sure that the fuel and air mix in the right amount before they enter an engine.

The spark plug ignites this mixture. A flywheel attached with a magnet rotates along with the engine and sends this electric charge to the spark plug. When the flywheel spins, these magnets create a magnetic field, generate electricity and send some voltage to the spark plug. This flywheel has fins attaches and hence, it also works as a cooler. When the mower hits a rock or any other obstacle, a flywheel is a component that acts as a shock absorber. Above all, it provides the momentum to keep the engine running in between combustion cycles.

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How Does a Lawn Mower Work?

Piston movement

Ignition of this fuel and air mixing results in a controlled explosion that moves the piston down and drives the crankshaft. It’s the same process that your engine follows to drive the wheels. In the case of lawnmowers, the blade rotates and cuts the lawn grasses.

After reading the startup and ignition process, it’s easy to understand that an engine is one of the most important components of a lawnmower. Therefore, we recommend periodic maintenance of a petrol mower that must include an oil change and replacement of air filter as well as a spark plug. Use a fuel stabilizer if you are storing the mower for more than a few months. It’s even better to drain its fuel tank before you store it for an entire season.

Blade movement, suction, and mowing

All the above-mentioned components work together for the same purpose; to move the blades that can cut the grasses. However, it’s not as easy as you can read it. Lots of things are happening beneath a mower when you are moving it or watch it working.

Let’s wait for a second and think. When you swipe anything over grasses, they tend to move out of their way because they are very light and soft. Now, who will keep the grasses straight, so that blades can cut them easily? Well, it’s the lawnmower.

Check the mower blade and you will notice that the blade or blades are not straight. There is a tap that lifts them slightly upwards, which produces suction when in movement. When this motion works in a combination of the enclosed chamber, it creates a vacuum. This force keeps the grasses straight so that the blade can make its way through them.

Blade Control Handle

To start the lawnmower and keep it running, you need to hold down a lever near its handle. Referred to as blade control handle, the engine shuts down once you let it go. So, it’s the simplest way to turn off a mower once you complete the lawn maintenance session. Moreover, this handle is a critical safety feature that can avoid serious injuries in case you trip over or lose the balance while mowing.

Once you leave the handle it does two things internally; first, it stops the ignition and then apply brakes to the flywheel. Hence, the engine and blades will instantly come at a halt. You don’t have to maintain this security feature. However, if its connecting cable is loose or broken, then the mower will not work properly.