How Long Does it Take to Install a Fiberglass Plunge Pool?

How Long Does it Take to Install a Fiberglass Plunge Pool?

Plunge Pools

Backyard swimming pools are trending a lot, with more and more people opting for a pool, rather than a regular old patio, in the back garden. Some choose to install it while houses are being built, which is a sensible way to do it. Nonetheless, some may want a pool after they’ve bought their homes. The decision to buy a pool can come at any point in life, and it’s a great decision to install a pool, especially if there are children around. When you’re concerned about your budget or not having enough space for a regular-sized swimming pool, a fiberglass plunge pool is worth serious consideration.

Plunge pools are pools that get their name from the naturally forming pools normally found below waterfalls. These are thought to have rejuvenating and therapeutic elements, benefiting health. The modern fiberglass plunge pools of today are fantastic at giving the same experience. The plunge pool is designed to give people relaxation, rather than exercise or take laps in. Leisure is the primary purpose of a plunge pool. Typically, plunge pools are available with attached, large areas for seating and lounging around in. This makes the whole pool area a perfect space for year-round entertaining.

Selecting a Pool

You’ll most likely select your plunge pool according to the space you have in your backyard. The style and shape will be dependent on the dimensions of your area. Fiberglass plunge pools are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. Classic square and rectangular shaped pools are great for a chic, simple look. You can opt for other, more unique patterns too. Small plunge pools are 2 to 3.5 meters in width and up to 7 meters long. The average depth of a plunge pool is standardized at 1.2 meters. Nonetheless, you can still get them deeper or shallower than this. The finish of the surface and the color of the interior will reflect the water’s appearance. These aspects of the pool may even affect the cost and how long installation takes.


Plunge pools may be installed in the ground or above it. Fiberglass plunge pools last a long time, sometimes for decades. The fiberglass used is of a durable quality, built to resist the strain of heat and cracks. Once you choose what shape, size and depth you want, your fiberglass plunge pool shell will be delivered to your backyard, all set for installation. Fiberglass plunge pools, whether embedded into the ground or fitted above it, don’t take too long to install. Installation is normally completed within a few weeks.

Pool Companies and Installation Factors

As daunting as pool installation may sound, it’s not such a hard job, provided you leave it to the experts. It’s an easy process and pool manufacturing companies will also provide installation services. If you hire a good company, one of repute, you may get add-ons at the installation time, and these extras will be incorporated into the overall cost. You’ll also get a warranty and this will save you a lot in terms of having a separate insurance for your pool. Besides this, the professionals who manufacture and install your fiberglass plunge pool have all your specific pool knowledge and information. This is because they have installed it. Should any problems crop up at the installation time, they will deal with it effectively and resolve it.

Assessment of Space

Fiberglass Pools - pros, cons, & costs

Before you decide on your choice and the actual process of installing your fiberglass plunge pool begins, an expert will assess your property to see how it can be accessed. If access is very narrow, your pool will have to be transported to your backyard through a crane. The company expert will examine the ground in the backyard as well as the dimensions of your backyard. This is to suggest ideas of an ideal size and shape of a plunge pool to fit your requirements. The professional will evaluate plumbing and drainage systems to decide on any modifications. In case you opt for heating in your pool, the factors influencing this have to be checked too. Some statutory permissions will have to be obtained before installation as well.


Assuming your pool is ready and doesn’t have to be custom-made and all the issues regarding groundwork, access, plumbing and drainage are sorted out, your plunge pool shouldn’t take too long to install. Some companies guarantee installation in a span of only three days. You can be assured, taking into account some minor hitches, that your fiberglass plunge pool may be installed in a week or so.

Installation Begins

The first day of installation is all about preparing the location. Normally, in-ground pools offer a more spacious appearance for a fiberglass plunge pool, and are perfect in a limited area. Technicians will excavate the ground where the swimming pool will fit, and smoothen the surface area. On the next day, your plunge pool will be brought to the location and positioned into the space made for it. This day involves an intense amount of work. Levelling the pool and seeing to the finishing touches takes place. Depending on the progress, this may take one more day.

On the third day or so, technicians focus on the operational aspects of the pool. Water purification systems are installed, the plunge pool is filled and paving on the surrounding edges is done. If you have chosen to have some additional structures such as landscaping and light fittings, these may be fitted or left for the day after. In case you require fencing around your pool, this may take an additional day. As the pool is being fitted into place, corresponding work related to the pool’s functioning takes place. A host of professionals works as a team on pool installation so that everything to do with the smooth running of your fiberglass plunge pool falls into place.

After Installation

A fiberglass plunge pool is a perfect addition to a small backyard, and yet it offers so much enjoyment for the owner. These cost less to install than standard pools and last very long. Due to the eco-friendly gels that are applied to their surfaces, they are easy and convenient to maintain. Gels prevent the formation of bacteria and algae. Plunge pools add charm and vibrancy to a backyard and offer many years of fun.