How Many Years Does a Gas Furnace Last?

How Many Years Does a Gas Furnace Last?

Well, there is no certain answer to this question. This is because there are various factors involved when it comes to how long a gas furnace will last. However, it is important to know that the first time your furnace stops putting out heat is not the day to decide you need a replacement. Furnaces, like all other appliances, have many moving components and individual parts, each of which needs to work for your unit to function optimally. In most cases, you can get your furnace up and running by simply calling in a gas furnace repair service in Los Angeles.

Most modern furnaces are designed to operate for at least 20-30 years, though the average life expectancy is around 15-20 years. The amount you use your furnace generally determines the wear and tear to the parts involved in the starting and stopping of the unit. The efficiency of these parts tend to affect control mechanisms and how much fuel your unit uses, as well as how much soot accumulates in the burners. Frequent inspection and periodic maintenance improves the efficiency of your unit and also allows you to identify snags that can be fixed on time to avoid costly repairs or replacement. During annual maintenance, your HVAC technician can identify parts that need servicing or replacement, which will increase the lifespan of your furnace.

Listed Below are a few Factors that can Affect the Longevity and Functioning of your Furnace:

Age: If there was a furnace already installed when you moved into your house, it is likely you may not know how old it is. However, there is a way to find out the age of your furnace. You will find a number on the inside of the combustion chamber door or the furnace cover. This is the manufacturer’s serial number. Contact the customer service of the manufacturer and provide them the serial number, and they will be able to give you the manufacture date. If your furnace is over 15 years old, you may want to have it inspected so that you know how much more life to expect from it.

Upkeep Costs: The components in a furnace can dictate how long your unit will work. If your furnace is approaching the end of its time, it is likely that the components will begin to develop problems. This could foreshadow the failure of your gas furnace. If you are spending a great deal of money on service and parts, you may be better off considering a replacement. A good rule of thumb is this, if your HVAC technician tells you that a repair will cost you over 40% of the cost of an upgrade, you are better off buying a new unit.

Gas Furnace Last

Safety: If you have an old and outdated unit that doesn’t turn on right, makes weird sounds, or has a flame that keeps going off or doesn’t burn bright, you should consider an upgrade soon. Start shopping for a new furnace to protect yourself and your family.

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