How Much Does it Cost to Break a Lock?

How Much Does it Cost to Break a Lock?

Have you heard of locksmith fraud? Basically, fake locksmiths put fake ads online. They offer really low prices to lure you in, but when they come to your house, they overcharge you and sometimes do a bad job. These scams spam the system by listing various advertisements. Allyour ads lead to a call center. And since there are so many, they drown out legitimate locksmiths.

1: Use a Calculator

You already know that prices are never universal, even within the same country. You may be charged different fees based on the skills involved, the distance traveled, or the origin of the shipment. Prices may also vary based on shelf life.

2: Consider the Time

Average locksmith price in the US is $153 per visit. But their prices differ during slow times and busy times. For example, typical workers work an 8-4 or 9-5 shift with a lunch break inbetween. Therefore, the morning peaks are between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. because people are getting ready to go to work, so they might lose their car keys or lock themselves out of the house in a hurry.

The evenings are just as busy as people preparing to head home or coming home to find they forgot their keys at work. A typical locksmith charges $50 to $100 an hour. If it’s “rush hour” or after-hours, that rate ranges from $75 to $125. So if you’re calling at night or on holidays, you’ll have to pay at least that amount, depending on your zip code.

3: Remember Distance

The reason locks locksmith scams work so well is because of accessibility. Think about it. You are late for an appointment or stressed out after a long day at work. You don’t think “How much does a locksmith cost anyway?” You think: “Where is the nearest locksmith and how soon can they be here? “That takes you to your favorite search engine and you still can’t be sure who is legitimate.

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4: Estimate the Extent of the Damage

Why did you call the locksmith in the first place? Lost your key and can’t find a replacement? Or is the lock itself somehow damaged? Are your keys locked in the house or car? All of this affectsyour locksmith fee. If you have the key but cannot access it, your locksmith should bypass the lock without picking it (if possible) so you can reuse your keys.

Also, G Locks Locksmiths are available to offer advice on how your locksmith needs can be met. Whether you’re renovating and require new locks fitted, have a question about how secure your current locks are or anything else, they can help.

So How Much Does Alocksmith Cost?

Here are some guidelines you can use to check whether you’re being overcharged:

  • Use a cost calculator to get an estimate based on your zip code.
  • Factor in the time of day and the location of your locksmith.
  • Cars, houses, and offices all attract different rates, depending on the type of lock.
  • Electronic locks cost way more and require a specialized skillset.
  • No matter how urgent it is, get at least three separate quotations.


So, we have discussed about some guidelines that you can use to check whether you’re being overcharged.