How Much Does it Cost to Do Basement Foundation Repair?

How Much Does it Cost to Do Basement Foundation Repair?

It is typically more expensive to repair homes with basements because they can come up with different kinds of issues. It is common for basements to crack, sink, leak, bow, and settle. When these basement issues are not fixed as soon as they are discovered, they can quickly lead to more serious problems. Basements can sometimes require waterproofing which involves some excavation. Bowing basement walls will need to be reinforced.

Coming up with the cost of basement foundation repair is never a straightforward process, as it can vary based on the kind of foundation, the degree of damage, and the method of repair.

In this article, we explore the different kinds of basement foundation repair, and factors to consider when trying to calculate how much it would cost to do the repair.

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Types of Basement Repairs

     Exterior Waterproofing: This basement foundation repair method is used to repair leaky basements from the outside of the home. The process involves exposing the foundation and installing a waterproofing system that ensures that water is redirected and dispersed away from the walls of the foundation and into the earth.

     Interior Waterproofing: Sometimes referred to as internal waterproofing, this repair method is required when the moisture in your basement is not being dispersed properly. When the basement is wet or damp, interior waterproofing proves to be the best solution. Also, when there is no access to the exterior of your home, this method can you used to waterproof the home from the inside.

     Underpinning: This basement foundation repair option is used to increase the space of your home’s basement, giving you more height, and sometimes, extra square footage. With the help of underpinning contractors, the footing of your home will be exposed and the floor of the basement will be reconstructed on that level. During this process, benching is also done to strengthen the basement walls to reduce the possibility of structural crack or basement leak.

     Structural Crack Repair: A basement leak is inevitable when there are cracks in the foundation of your home. Also known as epoxy crack injections, structural crack repair is a type of foundation repair that fills in the breakage and bonds the cracks on the wall back together by using a two-part epoxy resin mixture. Under certain conditions, this basement foundation repair solution is much more effective and cheaper than other waterproofing solutions.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Basement Foundation Repair

How much you will be spending on basement foundation repair will be determined by several factors. Costs may vary from the national average due to the cause of damage, repair method, the type, and degree of the issue, labor, materials, permits, home size, etc.

The following are the factors that determine the cost of basement foundation repair.

Labor, Permits, and Materials

You can expect to spend an average of $200/hour on labor. While many foundation repair professionals are likely to charge for labor by the hour, you may need to ask your contractor to confirm. To do a basement foundation repair, some permits are required. The average cost of getting the necessary permits is between $75 and $150.

The cause of the basement foundation problem will determine the materials to be used for the repair. Some of the commonly used materials are epoxy, waterproofing items, jacks, polyurethane foam, grout, hydraulic piers, cement, carbon fiber, sealant, steel support beams, or steel reinforcement strips. You will need to rely on the recommendation of a professional for the type of material that is needed for your basement foundation repair.

The Cause of the Problem

There are many possible causes of basement foundation issues. Therefore, the method of repair will vary from home to home based on the cause of the problem. The cost of fixing the problem also varies based on these factors. Some of the common causes of basement foundation problems are leaks, cracks, sinking, soil erosion, crumbling, shifting, and bowing of the foundation. With the help of a structural engineer, the cause of the basement foundation problem can be traced.

The Type and How Severe the Damage is

If a basement foundation has been poorly maintained, or built on improperly compacted or compressible soil, it stands a high chance of causing serious damage to your home. Some signs you may start to notice are cracks on the walls or doors that no longer close and open easily. Common problems are sinking foundations, house settling, bowing walls, leakage, and cracks. The cost of repairing any of these issues will depend on the severity of the damage. It is best to consult a professional foundation repair company to inspect your home and come up with the exact cost of repair.

Method of Repair

The repair method to be used to fix the basement foundation damage is another major determinant of how much you will be spending. For example, basement underpinning costs between $1,000 and $3,000 per pier. You need to engage the service of a professional repair company to give you exact figures.

The Size of the Home

The size of your home is another determinant of the cost of basement foundation repair. A large house will require more materials and equipment for the repairs. It is typically more expensive to repair larger homes because they are more structurally complex and they weigh more. Where hydraulic piers are to be installed, a larger property will require more piers to support the foundation.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional

If you are not a professional foundation repair contractor, you should not attempt any foundation repair that is beyond filling minor cracks and sealing small leaks. These minor repairs can cost around $60 each. Larger cracks should be done by professionals. To know if a crack is an indication of a serious structural problem, it is best to consult a foundation repair contractor. Not taking quick action will continue to worsen the problem, thereby leading to extra expenses in repairing it later.

By engaging the service of a foundation repair contractor, you can avoid the expense of having to replace your foundation. You can see the Better Business Bureau website to read about the foundation repair company that you’re about to hire.

Receive a Foundation Inspection to Determine Issues

Considering the fact that project scope varies with the uniqueness of the structural problems of each homeowner, the cost of basement foundation repair can fluctuate based on your needs. With early identification of your basement foundation issues with a foundation inspection, the cost of repair can be mitigated. Therefore, ensure that you call a professional foundation contractor as soon as you see any signs of basement problems.