How Often Should an Exterminator Come to My House

How Often Should an Exterminator Come to My House

Know When Is the Right Time to Call The Experts

We all have been victims of invasion by one pest or another, and we all know the hustle that comes with it. From trying to find a reliable exterminator to changing your normal lifestyle, pest control is a topic we all have gone through. How many is too many when it comes to calling an exterminator? How frequent should I call an exterminator?

With some pests causing significant financial losses, some being disease-carrying bags, and others being outright annoying, pests control service providers are always on our call list. Still, the question we all want to know is how often?

According to specialists at, the frequency with which we hire an exterminator is determined by factors such as:

1. Identifying the Pest(s) that Invades Regularly

Knowing your most frequent uninvited pests will help you determine the period from one pest control session to another.

Identifying the type of pests that is troubling, you will help experts understand;

  • The reproduction period of the pest
  • The numbers of pest to deal with
  • Their most active  periods
  • Habitual grounds they leave-in

Such knowledge will be useful to you and your exterminator and also in identifying the best pest control method.

2. Learning The Time When Pests Are Active in Your Home

We all experience those quiet periods with less or no pests disturbance and then a sudden attack of pests in another period. As annoying as this might be, pests are more active in certain periods than others. This also affects how often you should call an exterminator.

Most pests thrive in warm temperatures, and so you are likely to have more pest activities in your home during the summer season. Such time will need you to call the pest exterminator more than other seasons.

3. Knowing your House Location/Region

Specific pests are more likely to be found in certain regions than others. For example, most homes in West Australia are prone to be affected by termites than in North Australia. This knowledge will help you know how often you need an exterminator depending on the level and type of pests’ invasion.

4. Professional/Expert Advice

Having an expert opinion is the safest way to know how often an exterminator should visit your house.

Most experts are an entomologist and are knowledgeable, especially if there is an outbreak of a specific pest, and this will help protect your home.

Unlike you and me, an expert also has insights he /she follows in their field of pest management such as;

  • Identification
  • Quantification
  • Specification
  • Application
  • Evaluation

It is through this method that they will give you the appropriate period for your next pest extermination.

5. Own Effort

Yes, your effort in pests management can determine the number of times an exterminator visits your house. It all comes down to your level of involvement in pest control.

What Should I Do Or What Can I Do?

Pests mostly invade your home for one of these reasons;

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Water

Most pests’ goal in life is to survive long enough to reproduce. Keeping your house clean and taking measures so that these sources do not attract pests to your home is the first step. These steps will also help you;

  • Cleaning your dishes regularly
  • Taking out your trash regularly
  • Keeping your trash cans  sealed
  • Keeping your food in glass containers with lids
  • Drying out damp areas in your home
  • Proper disposing of leftover foods
  • Sealing off areas of entry by pests
  • Mowing your lawn regularly

Knowing all these methods and factors doesn’t mean pests won’t invade your home, the best approach to entirely prevent pests invasion is by maintaining cleanliness and also having interval visits by the exterminator. This way, you can monitor and evaluate the level of pests invasion in your house.

As we’ve seen, the frequency with which an exterminator should visit your home is determined by a variety of factors related to your home. I recommend that you do some study and get to know your house, the place you live in, and the season you are in so that, you can get your answer.