How Often Should We Clean Our Curtains – Can Cleaning Companies Do a Better Job?

How Often Should We Clean Our Curtains – Can Cleaning Companies Do a Better Job?

Cleaning household items is the most essential step for house care and maintenance. Taking care of items at a proper schedule will eliminate dust, dirt, and allergies. Curtains help in privacy, noise insulation, blocking direct light, prevent dirt & dust, privacy, and enhance decor and attractiveness of the house.

Curtain cleaning is the most frequent question asked by house owners. There are myths and rumors about curtain cleaning in the market. You should not fill your mind with negative thoughts. Some say you should avoid cleaning curtains while others say you should clean curtains after several years.

In the following article, we will briefly describe how often cleaning curtains is important, benefits, and tips. After reading the entire blog, all your negative thoughts and frequent questions about curtains will be answered.

How Often Should You Clean Curtains?

Curtains absorb dust and dirt in them that come from outside or inside. To be safe from infections, allergies, and dust you must clean curtains after 4-6 months. There are no restrictions on cleaning the curtains before 4 months.  Parents having newborn babies in the house must fully take care of cleanliness and maintenance.

Anything that’s adding value to your life must not be neglected and you should take proper care of it. The same principle applies to curtain, they add a lot of value to your house. For example, the curtain absorbs all the dust in them to keep you safe, noise insulation, avoid direct light from outside, security enhancement, and increases house beauty.

Cleaning curtains can be done in two ways; self-cleaning and cleaning companies. Self-cleaning saves you money but will definitely burn time and energy. We recommend our audience to go for cleaning companies. Professional Singapore companies will give your old curtains a brand-new look. You should give companies a try and then decide which one suits you best.

Benefits of Cleaning Curtains

Before going for anything or achieving goals, you must understand the outcomes and benefits. Our team had researched and collected the best benefits of cleaning curtains. We hope after reading the following benefits, you will get rid of old and dirty curtains.

  • Get rid of dust and dirt
  • Add beauty and decor to the house
  • Old curtains become brand new
  • Save your child from infections and allergies
  • Increase the life of curtains

Conditions Under Which Curtains Require Frequent Cleaning?

We have collected some useful information that will help you take care of your curtains. If you lie in any of the following conditions, then your curtains need frequent cleaning before 4 months. The conditions are as follows:

Smoking in House

Any family member who smokes on a daily basis can cause damage to the curtains. Damage in the sense that the curtains will become yellow gradually and smoke particles are trapped in them. If more than one daily member is addicted to smoking then you need curtain cleaning after every month. Another way to make curtains clean is to give them some fresh air.


Dirty curtains and carpets are the main sources of infections and allergies in the house. If a curtain is not cleaned as often it should be, then it can absorb dust, pollen, spores, and pet hair.

Children can be affected fast through the following allergies and lead them to illness. It’s better to do carpet cleaning frequently when dealing with allergies.

New-Born Babies

Parents having new-born babies should be extra careful about cleanliness and maintenance. Babies can be infected more rapidly than older people. Their metabolism, energy, and antibodies are not developed enough to fight against illness or allergies. Carpets and curtains should be cleaned as frequently as possible for the sake of the child’s health.

Living in Dusty Areas

Dusty areas can be a big reason for frequent cleaning. Dusty air coming from outside is trapped in the curtain. And gradually curtains become full of dirt and dust. Also, if you are living near the sea, then you must wash your curtain on after 1-2 months. Salty air can also be trapped in the curtains.

How to Clean Your Curtain?

Now the next question after when to clean is how to clean. There are lots of ways to clean the curtains. But first, you have to identify which type of curtains you have. This means is it washable in the machine or not? Ways to clean curtain are as follows:

1. Machine Washing

Before cleaning any type of curtain, you first have to read the instructions or ask the company if it is safe to machine wash the curtain. If the answer is yes, you are ready to go. Curtains are heavy and need a lot of space for a wash. Do not pick a cold, chilly, or rainy day to wash curtains.

Pick a sunny day so you can easily wash the curtains and place them in an open environment to dry. Make sure you spread the curtain fully, don’t compress the curtain. The fabric and material will destroy. If you have not enough space in the washing machine or to dry them, it’s better to give the curtain cleaning company the job.

2. Washing with Hands

Having a low budget curtain and no instructions are written, so what to do now? I think for these types of curtains self-wash is the best way. First, you have to dip the curtain in the cold water. Now gently wash the curtain. After washing, you can use a dryer or spread it out under the sun. For straightening, people usually iron the curtain. Self-washing helps in saving your money.

3. Dry Cleaning

Silk, linen or other sensitive fabrics are used as a material in high-quality expensive curtains. The only way to clean these kinds of curtains is dry cleaning. Dry cleaning can’t be done at home. You need to find professional curtain cleaning services like Singapore companies that offer great value at an affordable price.

Can Cleaning Companies do a Better Job?

Cleaning companies can do a much better job than a washing machine or using hands for cleaning. Giving curtains to certified carpets & curtains cleaning is the most appropriate way. Companies’ workers are professional at cleaning.

Cleaning at home is not 100% safe. If you have no experience of cleaning curtains before, then you may destroy the material of curtains. Also, it takes a lot of time and energy to clean them. Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring curtain cleaning services.

  • Saves both time and energy: You only need to hire a professional to do work and that saves precious time. Self-washing takes a lot of energy to wash heavy curtains.
  • Makes old curtains brand new: Dry cleaning offered by Singapore companies especially helps in making curtain brand new. You will be surprised to see that this was the curtain you gave them.
  • Effective & quick service: The service these companies provide is super-fast. Before selecting any company do some basic research about them. You don’t need to wait for weeks or months for the cleaning process.
  • Get rid of dust & dirt: Dirt and dust can cause infections and allergies to you. Too much old curtain color can faint due to bad condition. These companies are experts in eliminating dust.

Tips to Find Right Curtain Cleaning Company for You

Finding the right cleaning company for you can be a little difficult process. There are tons of companies offering curtain cleaning services. We have researched and found amazing tips that will help you find the best company.

Research About Company

Before hiring or purchasing any service, you must research well about the company. Read about them on the internet. Learn how they work. Are they professional in cleaning curtains? If the company is not legal or registered, then you must not go for that company. Look for a company that is well established and has some reputation in your area.

Thoroughly Read Reviews

To know how well the company or service is you must look at the reviews. Through reviews, you can find genuine answers to your questions. You will know the pros & cons and what things you might face when signing up with them. Don’t just read 5-star reviews, start from below you will see the fundamental drawbacks.

Experienced & Effective Company

Curtains are very sensitive; little wrong work can damage them. That’s why we are emphasizing looking for experienced companies. Companies for around 5 years in the industry can help in cleaning curtains. After researching and reading comments you will be able to find which company is effective.

Pick & Drop Service

To evaluate whether you should go for the company or not in a single step is to check their delivery options. Delivery options mean pick and drop service. There are only a few companies in the market that are offering delivery. But you should go for those companies that are providing free delivery service.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have clearly understood why you should clean dirty curtains and what the time frame is. The frequency of cleaning totally depends on your house conditions as mentioned above.  Cleaning carpets and curtains will help you and your family stay away from infections, allergies and illness.

You can adopt any method mentioned above to clean curtains. But cleaning companies/services are the best options available now in today’s world. If your main concern is saving money, then there is no need to hesitate cleaning at home.