How Often Should You Schedule Carpet Cleaning in Rhode Island?

How Often Should You Schedule Carpet Cleaning in Rhode Island?

Regular carpet cleaning in Rhode Island is an excellent investment in your home or commercial property. Not only does professional shampooing and steam cleaning mean a more attractive surface underfoot but removing layers of dust, dirt, and other grime can extend the life of those rugs! Untouched dirt and grime unravel carpet fibers, while professional cleaning protects carpet fabrics and backing from excessive wear.

Carpet cleaning also improves indoor air quality, removing dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, traces of cigarette smoke and ash, residual airborne chemicals, and other irritants. Your indoor spaces will even smell better, and you’ll breathe easier the more often you invest in professional carpet shampooing and cleaning!

Since carpet cleaning offers so many benefits, you might wonder how often you should schedule this work and if shampooing and steam cleaning do more harm than good. While a carpet cleaning contractor in your area is the best source of information about your property’s rugs in particular, consider some added information about this service so you get a better idea of how often you’ll want to schedule carpet cleaning.

Start With Annual Carpet Cleaning in Rhode Island

When deciding how often to schedule carpet shampooing and rug cleaning for your home or business, note that most carpet manufacturers recommend annual cleaning, to keep carpets looking their best. While this is an excellent guideline, it’s not a “hard and fast” rule and should be adjusted according to overall foot traffic and even your local climate!

Foot Traffic

The more foot traffic in your home or business, the more often you’ll need the carpets cleaned. However, “foot traffic” doesn’t just mean the number of people walking over the carpet. For example, your home might have a stringent “shoes off at the door” rule. If everyone in the family avoids wearing outdoor shoes inside the house, you will need carpet shampooing far less often than in homes where outside dirt is tracked over the carpet constantly.

Foot traffic also includes pets! Dogs and cats might drag outdoor dirt into the home, and cats especially can get bits of litter and waste stuck between their paws, which is then tracked over the home’s carpets. The more pets you have, the more often you should consider carpet cleaning.

Area Climate and Other Conditions

Your local climate and the area in which you live should also be considered when deciding how often to schedule carpet cleaning. The state’s changing weather and harsh winters can mean tracking more mud, slush, and other debris onto your carpets during spring and winter months, while production facilities and busy roadways often create lots of airborne dust that then settles onto carpets. Consider more consistent cleaning as needed after winter or if you live in a very dusty area, to keep those rugs looking their best.

Carpet Cleaning for your Health!

Regular carpet cleaning is an excellent choice for improving indoor air quality, removing bothersome irritants and allergens. While air quality is important for everyone, it’s especially vital to consider more consistent carpet cleaning if anyone in the family suffers from asthma, allergies, and other health concerns. The longer you put off carpet cleaning, the more irritants that build up on those rugs, while regular shampooing means easier breathing for everyone!

Can You Schedule Carpet Cleaning in Rhode Island Too Often?

Homeowners and commercial property owners might wonder if you can schedule carpet cleaning too often, and if professional shampooing is somehow damaging to carpets. On the contrary, you typically cannot clean carpets too often, and the only risk of damage to rugs and carpeting is low-quality, DIY shampooing!

First note why there is typically no such thing as too much carpet cleaning. Carpet shampooing is not as harsh as putting clothes in a washing machine, for instance; professional cleaning simply extracts dirt and grime, without tearing at carpet fibers. Excessive dirt and grime also wear down fibers and can get embedded in their threads, so neglecting regular cleaning is worse for carpets than professional shampooing!

While professional cleaning protects carpets from damage, avoid DIY carpet shampooing. Poor-quality techniques often leave behind shampoo residues that attract and hold more dirt! Failing to extract all rinse water also risks damaged fibers, mold, and mildew.

How Do You Keep Carpets Clean Between Professional Services?

While carpets will simply get dirty and need professional shampooing no matter how you maintain them, a few simple steps can keep them clean for as long as possible. First, consider implementing a “no shoes indoors” rule for the family home, to reduce the amount of outdoor dirt tracked over those carpets.

Also, vacuum those carpets often! Vacuuming pulls up dirt and dust before it can get ground into carpet fibers. Invest in air filters and change the furnace filter often, to reduce airborne dust and pollutants. Cleaner indoor air means less dirt and debris settling onto carpets, so you’ll need to schedule professional carpet cleaning in Rhode Island far less often.