How To Achieve A Brick Finish In Your Interior Projects

How To Achieve A Brick Finish In Your Interior Projects

Adding a brick finish design to your interior decor may sound complex and a job for specialists. It’s one thing to add a lick of paint or put wallpaper on your walls but it’s completely another thing to use bricks. For those who want a real brick look and feel, without the stress (not to mention costs) of making it happen, brick slips could be just what you are looking for.

Brick Slip Cladding

Chances are you have seen brick slips without ever knowing it as they can easily pass for regular brickwork, because in reality they’re actual real bricks, just thinner.

There are many different brick cladding systems available on the market today that are suitable for interior use, and depending on the project, brick slips can be even used without a panel system.

What Styles Of Brick Slips Are There?

You have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing brick slip cladding for your interior designs. With a wide range of textures and colours to choose from, from modern to traditional, there is a brick slip to suit your particular needs. You can create some stunning unique designs using brick cladding.

Before embarking on your renovation project, don’t forget to first contact a few suppliers to see what options you have available and what you like the most.

Is This A Diy Doable Job?

Well, yes, and no! Firstly, it is possible to manage a DIY project using brick slips. Still, we only recommend doing so for smaller projects. For something bigger, it may be worth getting some professional assistance instead.

Ok, so if you plan on installing brick slips on a small wall, or perhaps a fireplace surround it should be manageable to do it by yourself, even for the complete novice. For smaller projects, it may be a simple process without the need for a cladding system and rather the use of a cement-based adhesive instead.

For something larger, speak to your supplier. He can advise on good installers to assist you.

Is It Expensive?

What price you pay comes down to a number of different things: the dimension of your project, the sort of brick slips in use, corner bricks, the type of cladding system and the fitter.

When it comes to estimates ensure that you accurately measure the area of the project and explain to the supplier what you have in mind. He can assist you with regards to the materials you’ll need to complete the project and the sort of price range it’ll fit into.

On a final note, Brick slips are not a quick paint job. They do take more time and effort to install, however, the result will be worthwhile. Brick slips add a special feel to interior spaces that never goes unnoticed!