How to Build Muscle Mass

How to Build Muscle Mass

Did you know that your body can build 227g of muscles each week? Therefore, if you exceed 250 to 500 calories per day, you will gain fat and not muscle mass. There is a thin line between eating to build muscle mass and gaining weight. One has to be particular about what they are consuming and the timing. For people who gain weight quickly, the stakes are higher as you can see here online gambling.

Proteins and carbs play a significant role in developing body mass, but the quantity you consume matters considerably. So ultimately, you need a well-balanced diet to give you all the nutrients you need.

We will guide you on the best food combinations, timing, exercise and general lifestyle adjustments.

Breakfast Must Be your Friend

Breakfast is essential on your muscle mass journey because it gives you the energy boost to start your day. You don’t end up burning energy as your day progresses from an energy deficit to but a surplus. In addition, you set a pattern of eating healthy for the rest of the day if you start with your breakfast. Smoothies, cottage cheese and omelets are excellent suggestions for breakfast.

Give a Three-Hour Interval Between Meals

Timing is essential in muscle mass development. The proper nutrient combination has to be consumed at the right time. In your mind eating 3 hours intervals does not equal the traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This eating routine requires you to eat more than three meals. You are to eat smaller portions of food or snacks between the meals you are used to eating. It’s better to eat smaller portions at intervals than wait for hunger pangs to set in and eat a larger chunk of food in one sitting. During the interval,  you could see for assurance.


Incorporate a Rich Protein Diet

You must be intentional about eating a rich protein source in every meal. Here are some protein-rich food classifications to add to every meal: red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, whey or vegan options available to you.

Eat Carbs After Workout

Carbs serve an essential purpose in muscle building because it is the source of energy in our nutrition. However, the tendency to eat for than necessary and get fat instead of muscle mass is very high. When it has to do with carbs consumption, rely on fruits and vegetables that have carbs. Restrict eating carbs like whole gains till after work out. That way, it just replaces the energy you lost during the workout.


Water is lost from the body due to sweat, so you need to consciously replace it by drinking lots of water to ensure your body functions well and drinking water also stoles the hunger process by filling the stomach.