How To Choose Overdyed Rugs?

How To Choose Overdyed Rugs?

Believe it or not, vintage rugs never die. Yes, even the old ones with too much dust and damage can be enhanced into a master floor rug given that you find a good rug cleaner and dye. A lot of times, choosing Overdyed Rugs can not just be better for your pocket but can provide an excellent look at your place. But what exactly are these rugs? How are they different from any other floor rug?

What Are Overdyed Rugs?

Overdyed rugs are existing rugs that go through a tiresome process that ultimately enhance their overall look and make them more appealing. Old school rugs, when overdyed, can bring in a vintage texture that can take any place where it’s laid back in history. These overdyed rugs are preferred most likely by individuals who enjoy vintage artifacts and elements of history. The dying process involves carefully vacuuming, dying, and ultimately cleansing it to make it better than what it was before. The process is also known to enhance a rug life.

How To Choose An Overdyed Rugs?

Overdyed rugs, as mentioned, can not just bring a more modern aesthetic to the place where it’s laid but it can also add a certain bit of ethnicity and class in the place. When choosing an overdyed rug, there are some necessary things to consider.

Where Are You Buying From?

The process of over dyeing rugs was introduced into the market close to a decade ago. It was not very popular at that time, and hence, there were not many sellers of it. However, as time has passed, more and more vendors have come forward with these kinds of rugs. Not all of them are genuine. A lot of vendors don’t follow a clean process of dying and use cheap dyes that ultimately diminish the carpet’s life. So, when looking for an overdyed rug, make sure your seller is authentic. Online establishments like provide an excellent blend of overdyed and natural rugs that one should check out.

What Is Your Choice Of Colors?

When choosing an overdue rug, color plays an important role. If you don’t select the right color, your place would not stand out and look very bland. Go for color according to the room where you will be placing it. Be sure about it.

Take Proper Measurements

Overdyed rugs can come in multiple colors and lengths. From really small to ones that can cover an entire room, there is a lot of variety when it comes to these rugs. So, what you have to do is take proper measurements. Don’t just imagine that the floor rug you choose will fit the area. Take a tape and measure it. Follow this, especially if you are shopping online. Remember, if you receive a smaller or a larger rug, either you’ll compromise and use it anyway or go through that tiresome process of return and exchange. Save yourself from all those troubles, take a quick measurement.

Choose Bright Properties

Although overdyed rugs come in a variety of colors, all of them are very dull. Not in a bad way, but in a good manner. They are dark and very antique looking. So, if you haven’t decided on your home decor yet, make sure you choose the rug followed by the furniture and other items. These items should popup. So, choose a variety of colors both in furniture and other elements like vase, paintings, wall color, etc.

Have A Good Budget

The price range of an overdyed rug can start in hundreds and go on to in thousands. So, you have to be strict about your budget. Don’t just go to the shop with an open mind. Be clear with every kind of money that is the cost of rug and delivery charges you are going to spend. Take note of these costs and plan accordingly.

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Which Type To Choose?

Even with overdyed rugs, there are a lot of variations including wool rugs, microfiber rugs, synthetic rugs, and more. Each of them has its qualities and features. So, you should consider looking into these aspects as well.

It all boils down to your requirement and how much you are willing to spend. If you have a good budget, you can have a lot of options, but with a restricted budget, you need to be very particular. Check everything in the list above before buying. Do you own an overdyed rug? How has been your experience with it? Let us know.