How to Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Home’s Decor & Function

Often times, window treatments are an afterthought or a complete question mark for many homeowners. There are just so many options — Do I pick curtains, blinds or shades? Which type? And, since they may be a one-time investment in remodeling your house, you don’t want to settle for the wrong style.

From the stylish roman shades that offer that sleek polish your room needs to the choice of elegant draperies that will give your living room a classic vibe, Loganova Shades experts have put together a list of steps to help you select the best option of window treatments.

No matter how quirky or challenging your window shape, this guide will help you decorate any type or form of window. Since our top filters are function and style, the window treatments will be both practical and stylish.

Let’s dive in and discover the variety of options and draw inspiration for your dream house as we have a one-on-one with the Loganova Shades expert herself, Natalya.

1. Pick the right type of window treatment

When chatting with Natalya, she let me in on a little detail to guide me when purchasing the window treatment of choice, and that is, “You can spot a cheap product from a mile away. You don’t want a product that looks great but jangles with every breeze. I would pick the type of product first,” Natalya advises.

Her tips for deal seekers (guilty!) is to think long term. Instead of settling with that eye-grabbing discount from Amazon or Etsy, she encourages us to take the time to think about what we need the window treatment to achieve for the room.

“Do you need a motorized version, are you looking for a good light filtering option, or do you just need a stylish way to dress your windows? Do you need privacy or a sheer veil that still lets you peek through it?”

Depending on your answer, options are numerous – for example:

  • Blinds are great for the budget buyer who wants a “harder” window treatment – they are created out of metal or wood and come stacked in slats.
  • Roman shades are the most popular choice – they’re stylish, can easily be customized to fit any type of window and are a soft type of window treatment.
  • Curtains can be expensive and overwhelming but fit right into luxurious home decor.

“If we’re talking about roman shades, which I consider the most versatile out of all types of window treatments, it’s good to know that they can be customized to fit even the oddest and most difficult shaped windows.”

With an experience of over 20 years, Natalya and her team have collected an impressive portfolio of custom made window treatments. Let’s see what she’ll share with us about fabrics, styles, and functionality:

2. Choose the right fabric for your room’s function and needs

From cotton and linen to silk and velvet, the broad palette of available materials can bring any concept to life. Lightweight and durable, breathable, and comfortable, with soft or hard textures – finding all there is to know about the fabric’s properties will make your decision a long-lasting one.

“When choosing the right material, you have to take into account different factors such as: Will the room be wet or hot most of the time, like a bathroom? Concerned parents might ask themselves what’s the best fabric for the kids’ room? These are all good things to consider before choosing a style”.

Let’s assume you’re looking for a fabric that features water-resistant properties. A great option in this case that works well in damp environments is faux linen. This fabric is actually a hypoallergenic polyester that features low maintenance, doesn’t retain moisture, doesn’t get affected by mold, and manages to keep its high quality look no matter how many times you’ll wash it. A pretty neat option for your bathroom or kitchen, right?

If you’re working night shifts, have a hectic sleep pattern, or you’re just sensitive to light and need the right setup for sleeping at any hour, blackout roman shades will come in handy to cover your windows and offer the highest level of privacy and darkness.

“Knowing how fabric works has always been our main focus. Not to mention, getting all the details from out customers with regard to the room and its purpose and what kind of atmosphere they want to create has pushed the window treatment engineering process to the next level, so we always strive to innovate.”

Over the years, Natalya and her team have curated many types of fabrics perfect for different room functionalities and different kinds of indoor decors.

3. Decorate with a matching window treatment style for your room decor

Now that you have decided on the type of shades and fabric, it’s time to choose a style that will enhance your current home decor. Trends come and go and new styles pop up every other week, but what’s important is to pick a style that works with how you envisioned the overall decor style of the room.

Here are some of the most modern room decor and what styles of shades go with each, according to Loganova Shades:

Minimalist: If you are into the “less is more” narrative, then stick to a neutral palette of fabrics when it comes to the chromatic choices and opt for simple, yet intriguing shades that will give off a loose vibe and won’t clutter the space visually. A Roman linen shade in beautiful, shimmery neutral tones, works great for an understated minimalist vibe. Check out this style here.


Modern: If your living room has a vertical style, accessorize your space with abstract and unique shades that will give off an overall vibe of expressionism and free spirit. This scenario will perfectly match with the choice of white and black flat roman shades, a window treatment with a modern twist that has a sleek, fresh look to it. Complement it by mixing hints of different prime colors like red, yellow, and blue.

Check out this style of shades from here for a modern home decor.


Contemporary: The contemporary style is one of the most requested when it comes to shades.  It evokes a sense of the clean and classic with floating furniture that gives the effect of a bigger room – another suitable option that will never go out of style. “The perfect balance of classic and new, with complex details, kept to a minimum,” adds Natalya.

A recommended window treatment for a contemporary home decor is an elegant, pastel drapery that will add a touch of coziness, beauty, and comfort to any space. This is to say that Natalya’s team can custom make any idea the client has.

“We like to hear what the client daydreams about, so all ideas and stories are welcomed for our creative process. After that, my team will deliver the envisioned piece.”


When it comes to styles, I should also mention other popular trends, such as the industrial, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and traditional. These decors and designs have become the go-to style over the last few years for many of Natalya’s clients.

On that note, Loganova will make sure that the roman shades or draperies will ooze sophistication and flair, no matter what style we pick, what fabric we get fixed on, or what type of shades we daydream about. There are window treatments for all tastes.

Natalya’s team of window treatment experts will provide a stunning result, always handcrafted in a quality fabric and exquisite technique.


4. Contact a professional

While seeing how the process unfolds and talking to Natalya about the experience of a textile engineer, she laid out the market’s status.

“People try to DIY their shades. Soliciting professionals to help select and develop the window treatments is still at the outset. Still, we’ve been noticing more and more people understanding the value of a well-informed and qualitative approach to shades.” she says.

When in doubt, always contact a professional. If you find yourself at a loss for inspiration or you don’t know how to make more space for better living at home, or you’re just looking for a professional and don’t know where to start, I recommend heading over to Natalya’s collection at Loganova Shades, where you can read about their story and manufacturing process.

Consider investing in your next window treatment purchase for a long-lasting do-over, with a fashionable and functional touch.

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