How to Design a Touchless Bathroom

How to Design a Touchless Bathroom

Germs move from one surface to another physically, and some are airborne. When someone touches an infected toilet handle, germs might spread to their hands. The germs are then transferred to our faces and, occasionally, directly into our mouths by our hands. We can potentially spread germs by touching other people’s faces.

The most common method for bacteria to enter our bodies is through incisions in the skin, likewise by touching our lips and noses.

There are a lot of studies on hand-to-face germ transfer if you look into it. On two points, they are mostly in agreement. Our subconscious is the driving force behind our habit of touching our faces.

We Have No Idea We’re Doing It.

No matter how sterile their environments are, doctors, nurses, and lab technicians scratch their noses, bite their nails, and adjust their masks. Even the most experienced professionals make mistakes and must learn to prevent contaminating sterile surfaces.


Grey’s Anatomy fans will recall an episode in which a surgical intern has given the moniker “Glasses.” His spectacles shattered against the exposed belly of a patient. Of course, it was a work of fiction, but it served as an example of how even the most experienced professional might make mistakes.


The strategy to prevent germs from spreading is to avoid touching surfaces in public places.

Hands-free toilet flush plates and faucets from Fontana Showers might help you achieve this aim in the bathroom.

How Can You Make A Toilet That Doesn’t Require Your Hands?

Fontana Showers manufactures


For any decor, use a touchless faucet.

Fontana Showers Have A Large Selection Of Touch-Free Faucets.

The automatic faucet bathroom is known for producing the highest-quality touchless faucets on the market. Most touchless faucets are made of heavy-duty solid brass with a long-lasting finish. High manufacturing standards and sturdy circuitry result in a faucet that is designed to last for many years.

You should select an installation that is appropriate for the bathroom’s layout. The functioning elements of some touch-free auto-sensor faucets have installed below the deck in a small control box that attaches beneath the bathroom sink or counter. This results in a spout with a slimmer, more compact profile.


Everyone benefits from touchless faucets, flushers, and dispensers, including eco-friendliness (no water is left running), cleanliness, and germ avoidance. They should be regarded as a vital accessibility tool for those with physical limitations, arthritis, those who are aging in place, and those who have memory loss. At the very least, install a touchless faucet.

A sensor in a touchless faucet recognizes when an object is in front of it. A tiny infrared light bounces off your hands as they approach the faucets when you position them in front of them. After that, the faucet valve opens & water starts to flow. To switch the water on or off, simply wave something in front of it with motion sensor technology.

For people who are unable to use a regular faucet, toilet lever, or dispenser, or who may forget to turn off the water, this technology is a lifesaver. Let’s discuss the advantages of touchless goods and some recommendations for making your bathroom more accessible.


Suggestions for Making your Bathroom more Accessible

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act has accessibility rules for business facilities, there are several measures you can apply to make your touchless faucet more accessible in your house.

One thing to look into is the length of time the water runs. The American Disabilities Act provides a time limit of 10 seconds, which is a suitable benchmark to utilise while shopping for a faucet.

It has also suggested that the faucet and any dispensers have a reach range of no more than 34 inches from the floor when installed.

It’s simple to make your bathroom more accessible for everyone, and you can even update the design of your bathroom with stunning modern fixtures.


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