How To Ease Your Moving Process With A Moving Company

The advice given by a person who has encountered a problem and successfully resolved it can mean a lot and save you a lot of trouble and trouble. That’s why we at Sueland Moving & Storage Inc. Toronto have a couple of golden tips for you that can make it easier to move and reduce the stress of moving.

Moving organization:

Find a relocation agency and arrange a free relocation assessment.
Choose an appointment to move and announce to neighbors in the building.
Consider that an approach and parking space for a van or truck are required in front of the property at both locations.
Get on time boxes for stuff and adequate bags
In the new space; clean and tidy the premises, paint the walls, and designate one corner to dispose of the boxes.
Tick ​​boxes with fragile items should be put separately.

Preparing things:

Stack things in two types of boxes (smaller and larger)
– Put heavier stuff in smaller boxes
– Put lighter things in bigger boxes.
Put in the garbage bags: bedding, blankets, pillows, plush toys and they can be used to further protect your furniture.
If you are moving your refrigerator, do not forget to switch it off and clean it (CAUTION empty the container with water and condensate on the engine) a few days before.
Washing machine; switch it off, disconnect the inlet and drain hoses and place in the drum. Also, if you have saved, replace the drum fixing screw.
If you are moving larger mirrors, attach an X-shaped tape to them. It will not help to protect, but if it breaks, it will prevent the glass from spilling over and causing injury.
Prepare one box with daily supplies as it will take a couple of days to unpack. The contents of that box depend on your habits but don’t forget; toilet paper, cosmetics, medicines, basic cleaning products, etc.
Mark boxes with the type of content well, they can save you a lot of time and nerves later
It is best to remove the drawers from the drawers and cabinets and if you carry them full, you can wrap them with a stretch foil.
Instead of a wardrobe that can’t fit in a couple of bags, you can fill your travel bags with wheels, which can be much easier to carry later than carrying in boxes.
Electronic devices, such as PCs or routers, can be photographed with your smartphone before disconnecting, for easy retrieval of all cables.

When moving furniture, professional and quality dismantling of furniture is very important. Your closet, bed or rack and, with the best of wishes, often cannot be moved in a piece, but dismantling is necessary.

If you decide to dismantle them yourself, here are some tips:

The fronts (doors) are always first removed from the cabinets and closets.
Fold the door fronts upright, on a face-to-face and back-to-back basis to minimize frontal damage.
Arrange the corps (sides, floor, roof, and back) along the wall of the room.
Put the screws, anti-locks, eccentrics and nails in one bag.

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