How To Ensure Safety as a Roofing Contractor

How To Ensure Safety as a Roofing Contractor

A house or a building is not complete without a roof. It is an important part of the house but it must be inspected, maintained, and repaired on the regular basis to ensure better safety. Roofing, as well as maintenance of the roofs, can be dangerous and strenuous work as it involves climbing, heavy lifting, bending and more.

It is highly recommended not to inspect the roof on your own. It is the job of professional contractors. Though these contractors are well trained and skilled, it is important to ensure their safety as well. So, how to ensure safety as a roofing contractor? Here are some of the important tips for you:

Safety tips for Roofing Contractors:

Here are some of the best tips for the roofing contractors to ensure utmost safety while working on any roofing project:

1. Always Wear The Right Shoe And Clothing

It is very important for you to ensure that you are wearing the right clothes and shoes when you are working on any roofing project. The clothes must be comfortable and provide you an ease to move easily. But it should be sensibly loose and not too loose. You must wear a shoe that is built for heavy duty works such as soft non-skidding shoes with closed toes or even steel toed shoes. A work boot can help you to get a better grip on the surface of the roof.

2. Use Protection For Your Eyes And Hands

Besides the right clothes and shoes, you have to ensure that you are protecting your hands as well as the eyes. As you have to lift heavy things with your hands and inspect different parts of the roof with your hand, there is a risk of injury. You have to wear gloves for work to protect your hands from scratches and cuts.

Eyes are highly sensitive and a small wound can cause something fatal. Hence, you have to protect your eyes from sharp objects like nails, metals, etc. Wear a protective safety glass to protect your eyes.

3. Use Safety Harnesses And Gears

When the roof contractor works on the roof, it is important to use all the essential safety ropes and harnesses that are essential to keep them safe. These ropes and harnesses ensure that the contractor will not fall down from the roof even if he slips or he loses the grip.

This harness will help them to hang in the air. Besides these harnesses, they also need other gears like helmets. Helmets will ensure that even if the contractor bangs his head on a wall or any hard surface, he will not be injured. The head is another sensitive part and accidents resulting in head injury can be quite fatal.

4. Secure The Ladder Properly

One of the most important things that you have to notice to ensure better safety as a roofing contractor is the ladder. You must take the time to secure the ladder in the right way. Ensure that the ladder is on a level and solid surface.

Otherwise you will not be able to gain a proper balance while climbing. This can result in some mishaps and accidents. So, ensure that the ladder is properly secured and double-check it before you start climbing.

5. Keep The Working Area Well-Organized

Another way to ensure safety as a contractor is to keep the work area properly organized and clean as you will proceed. So, remove the extra nails and tiles as well as clean the trash. This will prevent you from slipping on the trash or tripping over the tiles and accidents from the nails. Once you keep the area properly clean and organized, it will be easier and safer for you to work with lesser risk.

6. Don’t Work In Wet Conditions

This is a very important point to ensure better safety and security of the roofing contractors. You should never work on the roof when it is raining. Avoid working in any wet condition. The water on the roof can make it very slippery and that can be a problem for the roofers. It can also cause some fatal accidents and it is not worth the risk. This is another reason why Autumn is the best time for replacing a roof, because during this time, severe storms are highly unlikely to occur.

7. Add Netting & Guardrails

You must improve the safety while working as a professional and reliable roofing contractor such as Mr. Happy House. When you are working on the roofs, especially the steeply pitched ones, you must add some guardrails as well as netting to provide extra safety and support. You can take the support of these guardrails as well as the nets to secure yourself while working on the steep roofs.

8. Extra Care While Carrying The Bundles

When you are working as a roofer, you have to carry some of the heavy bundles up and down the ladder to the roof. It is very important to ensure that you are taking extra care while doing that. You have to make the legs do all the work while climbing the ladder and not the back. It is better to go up and down several times with smaller bundles than to carry a lot of them at a time. It can be risky if you do so.

9. Avoid Certain Medications

Being a roofing contractor, you must know that you have to be in complete sense while you are working on the roof.

So, it is better to avoid some of the medications that can cause dizziness or drowsiness as side effects before and when you are working. This can prove to be quite fatal. Of course, you must also refrain from working on roofing contracts while you are intoxicated.


These are some of the ways on how to ensure safety as a roofing contractor. Being a professional roofer, you will have to ensure that you are buying the best quality gears, clothes, shoes, and harnesses for your roofing job. High-quality gears and tools provide the best safety and support while you are working on any roofing project. All the experienced and reliable roofing contractors ensure that they have the best safety gears to avoid any damage or accidents on the roofing site.