How to Incorporate Shaker Cabinets in Your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

How to Incorporate Shaker Cabinets in Your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

When it comes to a modern farmhouse kitchen, shaker cabinets have invariably played the first fiddle. Originating back in 1770, they have come a long way to stay in vogue over several years.

The Shakers community was blessed with top-notch craftsmanship skills and created quality wooden goods as a mode of offering prayer. Ever since, their utilitarian productions have become quite a trademark for anyone looking to buy functional and classy furnishings for their home.

One of the chief characteristics of shaker kitchen cabinets is their simple-to-do-design, minus any extravaganza, commonly observed across modern-day cabinets. They render a timeless charm and live up to a high level of aesthetics as they can be painted in any color or manufactured in a range of styles.

For anyone with a penchant to design a modern farmhouse kitchen, shaker kitchen cabinets ought to be their first choice. As you want your kitchen to reflect a humble and functional vibe, shaker cabinets are the perfect pick to blend seamlessly with the setting and style.

Besides, one doesn’t have to worry about the size of their kitchen as these cabinets work perfectly for one and all. All you need to do is proper planning and placement.

Here are a few tips that will get you started with shaker kitchen cabinets for your modern farmhouse kitchen decor.

Working With The Right Colors

Choosing the right color palette for your kitchen should be your first step towards designing a modern farmhouse kitchen. A farmhouse styled kitchen bespeaks a space that is brighter and emits a lot of light. White as a color does total justice for shaker style cabinets hitting the sweet spot between all that is contemporary and modern.

You might as well choose darker colors like black or grey to pair up with your white shaker cabinets. If that sounds a bit mundane, choose from accent colors like green and navy blue or choose to work with wood and metal tones as well.

Just in case you are lost in choosing the color for your shaker cabinets, leave it au-naturel and let the austere charm work its magic. As a matter of fact, all modern farmhouse kitchens use little to moderate amounts of wood to bring about an air of warmth around the kitchen space. You can choose to go with decorative beams and also use some for the kitchen island.

Wooden stools are also an effective choice for bar seats that brings about a rustic charm to space and gives a laid back feeling to unwind yourself.

The Power Of Mix-N-Match

The key to deck up your modern farmhouse kitchen space is to refrain from being elaborate. Instead, one should work towards using the simplicity of the design to their advantage. When you install the shaker cabinets in your kitchen, make sure to leave a good amount of space between the top of the shelves and the ceiling to do away the heavy look. Alternatively, you can also settle for open shelves that look great when made in reclaimed or natural wood.

When looking to create a mix-n-match look, always work with the colors of the upper and lower cabinets and match them to the drawers and slab doors for heightened effect. The idea is to keep the modern elements constant but also achieve a sleek, clutter-free look.

Your Cue To Be Unique With Your Kitchen Decor

All come-of-age interior decor has witnessed shaker kitchen cabinets being paired alongside funky pendant lights, retro floors, quirky kitchenware, color-blocked slab doors, and plenty others. Being simple in design renders such flexibility to shaker cabinets as they can pair up just fine with almost any designer or non-designer elements. If you are just starting out building your home or redecorating your space, shaker cabinets should be your go-to choice. In case, you are a DIY type, you should know that shaker cabinets do come in ready to assemble types as well, which saves both time and money for good.

A Timeless Choice That Is Also Easy On Your Pocket

When looking to deck up any space, budget is seemingly the key constraint. With modern farmhouse kitchens, it’s certainly no different. Shaker kitchen cabinets retain the very spirit of the Shaker religious community, who were outright economical in their means and methods. So, for all those who have always wished for solid wood cabinetry in your kitchen, give shaker cabinets a chance. You will still have a wide range of options open with lamination that can replicate the texture and finish of solid wood. The happy part; with cheap shaker cabinets you will get to save yourself quite a bit of money and still get the look of your dream kitchen cabinet and settle for even lower maintenance.


That being said, shaker cabinets are undoubtedly one of the finest choices that one can have for their modern farmhouse kitchen. It’s not only a timeless choice but also extremely budget-friendly and comes with a whole lot of customization options. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your shaker kitchen cabinets today and transform the look of your kitchen right away!