How To Keep Your Baby Safe And Happy This Summer

Baby Safe

Babies are at a higher risk of heat exhaustion than older children and adults, which means it’s important to consider how to keep your infant cool this summer. With this summer looking hotter than usual, it’s time to plan. If your baby is warm, dizzy, or vomiting, he or she might be overheated. Don’t let your infant become too warm this summer. You can avoid bringing your child to the doctor by following these easy tips for keeping him or her cool.

Keep your home cool.

Your baby spends most of his or her time at home, so it’s important that this be a safe place. When you had your child, you took the time to baby-proof the house by adding gates and removing dangerous items. During summer, you need to add the temperature of the house to your safety measures. The ideal temperature for babies is between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Not keeping a close eye on your thermostat could result in your infant overheating and put him or her at risk of SIDS.

If your home or apartment doesn’t have central air, you may want to have it installed. This will help you monitor the temperature in the house and your baby’s room. If you’re ready to move from your small, hot apartment, start by taking a quick mortgage 101. Decide whether or not you can afford a new house, and if you can look for a home with central air so you can keep your baby safe.

Buy a stroller fan for when you’re out and about.

Of course, you’re planning to take your baby places over the summer, which means you need to focus on keeping him or her cool while you’re out and about. While you may be tempted to install an AC unit in one of your expensive strollers, consider a fan instead. You can head to to compare stroller fans and decide which one is right for your child.

These clip-on fans are designed specifically for keeping your infant cool and safe. Some fans can be grabbed by your baby without causing any harm and others are quiet so as not to disturb your infant’s sleep. When you’re taking your son or daughter to the zoo or the beach, grab the lightweight stroller fan and an extra set of batteries. Your baby will stay nice and cool, even on a blisteringly hot day, and when you’re sitting together, you can enjoy the breeze as well.

Head to the beach (with the proper supplies).

What better way to cool your baby down than with a dip in the water? Along with your stroller fan, you’ll want to pack a small beach tent to keep him or her out of the sun, a hat and sunglasses, sunscreen, and reusable swim nappies. To avoid dehydration, make sure you’re breastfeeding often throughout the day or feeding regularly with formula.

Bring a small cooler for the formula and your own drinks (you also can’t get dehydrated!). If your baby starts to feel too warm sitting on the sand, bring him or her into the water with you. Be careful not to go too far in and always hold your infant, even if you’re used to letting her float during swim lessons. The beach can be a crazy place and you don’t want to lose your child. With a few safety precautions, you and your baby or toddler can have a great day cooling off at the beach.

Keep your baby’s temperature in mind this summer as the heat rises. With the right equipment and information, you can make sure your baby has a fun and safe summer.