How to Make Moving Easy When You’re Pregnant

How to Make Moving Easy When You’re Pregnant

Moving house is one of the most challenging and stressful things one can go through. After all, it requires a lot of time and effort, not to mention physical labour. It is, therefore, almost always discouraged for pregnant women to take part in such activities.

However, sometimes, pregnant women find themselves in a situation where they have to move house. For instance, perhaps their spouse has been transferred, or maybe the family is relocating to accommodate the new additions better. Whatever the case, in these circumstances, pregnant women are faced with two options: either follow through with what needs to be done or refuse to move until a later date.

The question remains: how do you make moving easy when pregnant? A few things need to be kept in mind before attempting this, and this blog post will cover them.

Best Tips To Make Moving While Pregnant Easy And Stress-Free

Make A Moving Checklist

It is very easy to forget some of the smaller things that need packing and sorting when moving house. For instance, you might suddenly remember your favourite antique vase only when you get to your new abode! To avoid such situations from arising, make a list of all the essentials (furniture included) before starting on with anything else.

Aside from an inventory of all the things you will need to take with you, it is also crucial that you list all tasks and errands you need to accomplish throughout the process. This will help you keep track of the number of days required to complete each task and will also prevent any unnecessary stress from arising.

Lastly, to further reduce the stresses of moving, you will also want to make a moving schedule and plan out your overall budget as early as possible. This includes not only the costs of hiring a moving service (if you decide to do so) but also your travel plans, food expenses and other daily expenditures.

Move As Early In Your Pregnancy As Possible

As already mentioned, most pregnant women are discouraged from doing something as physically demanding as a house move. However, if you have to, you will want to do it before your third trimester. After all, this is when symptoms such as back pain, shortness of breath and fatigue set in. Read more about the third term of pregnancies here.

Do remember, though, that moving earlier on does not eliminate the risks of moving while pregnant. Even though it is less strenuous, you will still want to be careful and avoid doing anything that might make your body overheat or tire.

Hire A Professional Removals Company

Another thing you will want to consider is hiring a professional removal service to take care of your relocation. This protects you from any physical stress and ensures that the job is carried out in an efficient and timely manner.

After all, a house removals company can handle everything from packing your items to organising them into boxes, taping the boxes shut and moving them onto a truck for storage. They can even transport these boxes to another location, so you don’t have to do it yourself!

According to WhatRemovals, a website that offers a complete directory of removal companies in Bristol, London, and many other places in the UK, it is also crucial that you check the reputation of a removal company before you hire them. To do so, ask for references and testimonials from previous customers or research online to see if there have been any complaints about their service quality.

Another thing that needs consideration is whether they offer insurance and other guarantees on items moved by them. For instance, some companies even provide extra storage time and other services for free or at a discounted rate during that period.

Lastly, the cost of hiring such a service should also be considered before you proceed with anything else. This is because it might not always be possible to hire one on your own accord (especially if you are tight on finances). In this case, you will want to check if your landlord or homeowners association provides this service for free.

Meanwhile, here are some Moving Company Tips to keep in mind.

Move With The Guidance Of Your Physician

Even if you are feeling fit and healthy, do remember that your body is undergoing many changes during this period. For instance, the excess weight gained could be putting pressure on your back – something which can lead to problems such as muscle strain or joint pain.

Accordingly, it would be best to check with your physician before starting with anything else. This is for two reasons:

First, your doctor will be able to provide you with more specific advice about how strenuous the move would be and what precautions should be taken (for instance, whether it’s safe for pregnant women to climb stairs or not).

Secondly, they can also advise you on any possible complications that might arise after the move. This is especially important if you have a family history of certain diseases or health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroid disorders.

In any case, just remember that moving when pregnant does not mean being reckless with your body during these months! Always keep in mind what you are capable of doing and what the consequences are if you don’t take care. At all times, do your best to maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep at night, drink plenty of water during the day and avoid stress as much as possible!

Know Your Limitations

Always be mindful of what you are capable of doing. Do not overload yourself with tasks that you know your body cannot handle in its current state. For instance, if climbing up and down the stairs is strenuous for you during this time, do your best to avoid it whenever possible. Instead, consider taking one or two things at a time while using the elevator instead!

Similarly, if you know that standing or walking for extended periods is difficult these days, do not try to help your moving company with a lot of heavy lifting. Instead, ask family members and friends to pitch in as much as possible!

These small changes can go a long way toward making your move easy when pregnant – without putting the health and well-being of your child in jeopardy! Here are some Guidelines For Physical Activity During Pregnancy.

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Declutter Your Home

Even if you have a small apartment, you must declutter your home before moving. This will help reduce the number of items to be moved and make things easier for everyone involved!

In particular, do not forget about the storage rooms and those under-the-bed drawers or cabinets hiding lots of forgotten stuff from the past. Also, if you have many books, consider selling them through an online store such as Amazon or eBay before the move date to get some extra cash!

Moreover, by reducing the number of items in your possession, you will also be able to minimise the load you will be carrying on the day of your move. And it is no secret that pregnant women can suffer from back pain, so this will indeed be a great help towards making moving easy when you’re pregnant!

Do Not Cram The Packing Process

It is also essential to make sure that you do not cram the packing process. If possible, try and spread out your things over a few days or weeks before moving day – this will prevent potential problems such as muscle pain or joint stiffness from arising!

For instance, if you have many clothes and other small items to pack up, try doing it every night after dinner before going to bed. This will prevent your body from feeling exhausted all at once on the day of your move – which is something that pregnant women should always strive for!

Furthermore, by packing in multiple sessions rather than all at once, you will be able to minimise the strain on your body and avoid any unnecessary complications.

Be Ready For The Unexpected

Even if you do your best to make moving easy when pregnant, there is always a chance that something unexpected will happen. In such cases, just remember not to panic and stay focused on finding a solution instead of dwelling in doubt for too long.

Moreover, you will also want to ensure that you have properly covered your insurance for this period. For instance, if the baby is due before or during the move date, consider asking your insurer about what will happen with regard to your policy in such a case!

Next, make sure to have all your essentials packed and within arm’s reach at all times during the move. This will prevent potential complications such as running back and forth to grab something or accidentally leaving items behind!

Lastly, have all the emergency numbers in your area and the contact information of your friends and family members readily available. This way, you will be able to reach out for help if the need arises quickly!

Set Aside Some Time To Relax

Remember to set aside some time for yourself and relax. After all, moving while pregnant can be mentally and physically taxing, so taking a break whenever you feel like it is absolutely essential!

For instance, you might want to try taking a relaxing bath or reading in bed until it’s time for dinner. This way, you will minimise the number of physical problems that arise due to moving while pregnant!

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind is that even if things don’t work out as planned and you feel like giving up at some point during the process – it is crucial not to!

Final Thoughts

Even though it might seem hard at first, making moving easy when you’re pregnant is definitely an achievable goal. All that’s required of you is to stay focused on the right tasks and keep pushing until everything has been completed!

If followed correctly, these steps can help make your move a lot easier than anticipated. So remember not to panic and stay as relaxed as you can – and everything will be just fine! Meanwhile, if you are looking for tips on designing your future baby’s nursery, check this out!