How to Make Your House More Attractive to Potential Buyers

How to Make Your House More Attractive to Potential Buyers

There are lots of reasons to sell a home. Typically, people move because they’ve taken a new job, want to be closer to family or simply want something different than the space they’re currently living in. So, as you look for your new home, there are some things you should keep in mind about your current one. To get top bids fast on your current space, there are a few things you can do to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Here’s how!

1. Lay down new flooring. Flooring is one area where potential home buyers pay close attention. While hardwood might seem appealing, it’s a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Carpets can stain and tiles can crack. Lay down luxury vinyl flooring to give your home a new set of flooring that’s durable, affordable and will last for years to come. Your potential buyers will notice the difference and think the space feels more complete and slightly newer. It’s just one of the ways you can actually earn some extra cash on your home!

2. Power wash the outside. Power washing can make your house look like you just put brand new siding on. Make sure to power wash the driveway and any other cement areas as well, as the full look will make up what’s called curb appeal. Simply put, curb appeal is the measure of how inviting your home looks from the road. Power washing is just one of the ways you can make your home more attractive to potential buyers! If they can take one look at the front of your home and see themselves living there, then you’ve done your job.

3. Replace the kitchen cabinets. It might seem like a big task, but it’s one that will have huge rewards. Replacing your current kitchen cabinets with new ones will make your kitchen feel inviting, new and crisp — all things a potential home buyer will look for when they tour your space. New kitchen cabinets don’t have to be expensive, either. You can easily order RTA cabinets, short for ready-to-assemble. While you’ll have to put all the pieces together and then install the cabinets yourself, you’ll save a lot of money and make your home that much more attractive to potential buyers.


4. Install some smart technology. Technology can make a house more attractive to potential home buyers. Be specific with your installations, though. Focus on installing a smart thermostat, electronic blinds or even a motion-sensored sink faucet. These things are both smart, convenient and practical. Home buyers want to see that they’re spending money for things that will make their life easier and also help them save money in the long run. Installing smart technology can give potential home buyers something to think about when comparing your home to any others they’ve seen so far. Who knows? Your decision to install that motion-sensored bathroom sink faucet could be the thing that sets you apart and causes you to get multiple offers in one day!

5. Give the house a deep clean. Never underestimate the power of a clean house! Take the time to clean every inch of your home. Put away the kids’ toys, lay out fresh blankets on the couch every day, wipe down counters, do the dishes (then put them away!), wipe down baseboards, vacuum and do any other kind of cleaning that you think is necessary to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. When selling your home, there’s no such thing as “too clean.” Sure, it might annoy your kids and spouse, but it will really make a huge difference as you wait for the offers to roll in.

6. Keep the lawn mowed. Similar to power washing your siding, mowing your lawn and keeping all the greenery and flowers trimmed will go a long way in making your home appear more attractive to potential buyers. A fresh, crisp lawn is welcoming to potential buyers and allows them to envision whether or not they feel they could keep the space up, too. Plus, a yard that’s mowed and well trimmed allows for buyers to see the home and its features rather than hiding it away behind layers of ivy and grass.


7. Rearrange the furniture. Rearranging the furniture is a simple way you can make your house more attractive to potential buyers without having to spend any money. In fact, it’s probably one of the only things you can do that doesn’t cost anything. No need to spend money on fancy cleaning products or new tech gadgets that make your space seem “cool.” Instead, you can make the layout feel a little new without blowing a budget or breaking your bank account. Rearranging the furniture will also give you a chance to identify the spaces in your home that you need to clean and allow you to access the hard to reach areas of each room!

8. Hang new curtains. Bring natural light forward by hanging new curtains! Try to hang a set of sheer curtains and a set of blackout curtains that you keep pulled open during the day but close at night to help cut electric bills down. Natural sunlight is great for making your home seem larger, adding to its attraction to potential home buyers. But, whenever you’re home, you shouldn’t have to feel blinded by the sunlight, or leave the inside of your home vulnerable and easily seen by not having curtains at all. Sheers are perfect for giving you some privacy while still allowing lots of natural light to filter through.

9. Add some outdoor furniture. Give your back deck a sprucing up by sweeping away any leaves and cobwebs and adding some new outdoor furniture. A table, chairs and even an umbrella can make the space more attractive to potential home buyers. That way, they can see themselves entertaining in the backyard. To see a space utilized is to envision themselves in it.